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13th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Welcome to the juror’s statement regarding some specially recognized artworks by artists from various parts of the world. The “13th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition” includes a range of media, styles and expressions. It is interesting to note that some visual statements do work best in a particular media. Following are comments about the artists and their special works.

M. M. DUPAY of Bowling Green, Ohio integrates various imagery in the collage technique and thus creating some very imaginative and striking works. “Free to Be?” is one of those. The use of chain links and the masked green face helps to illustrate the question about freedom.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York has a signature style with abstracted figurative paintings that include collage. “The Tycoon” is impressive with the strips of frayed fabric and the imagery of the dollar bill placed within the large figure shape.

NANCY HART of Odessa, Texas also uses collage to give expression to her ideation. The vertical piece “Diver” is strangely effective with the various subject matter.

ROSS HILGERS of Moorhead, Minnesota manipulates stoneware to give an effective contrast of the curvilinear and rectilinear in his concept as seen in the warm tones of “Saddle Back”.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE JR. of Kingwood, Texas is so creative with a number of mediums. In this show, his piece “Dancing in the Rain: 21st Century Scroll 1” captures the viewers attention with the colorful array of various images, accented with text captions which sets the mood. His second piece “Dancing in the Rain: 21st Century Scroll 2” seems to include more faces helping to give a human touch to the dynamic collection. And in “Dancing in the Rain: 21st Century Scroll - Image 61 from Scroll 33” he touches a lively chord with the child and adult hands clasping.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Reno, Nevada takes acrylic to the level of exciting movement in her piece “Waterfall”. The energy is definitely felt via her manner of painting expressively.

JAN OSTERN LONG of Drewsey, Oregon interprets the Biblical theme of the “Visitation” wherein the scriptural verse appears on the two wing-like wing-like forms on both sides of the meditative Virgin Mary, whose head is tilted in a somewhat inquisitive position. The media of bronze gives strength to the importance of the message.

MICHAEL VINCENT MANALO of Quezon City, Philippines uses digital mixed media in interesting and mysterious arrangements. The light and dark dramatic effects are quite strong as seen in “The Euphony of the Apocalypse”. Also his piece “The Painter” plays with the sense of place showing the very large flowers in the field, with the figure painting the scene. The red overalls is a nice contrast.

RICHARD McWILLIAMS of Dayton, Ohio is successful with portraiture. In his oil on canvas on wood “Man with Cap” he exaggerates the facial features just enough to make the expression quite outstanding. The shadow of the cap is also well done. The 30” height makes the piece even more striking. Another work “Man with Glasses” takes liberty in an almost Cubistic manner with the exaggerated lines in the face, especially in the forehead. On the other hand, he shows his virtuosity in painting with “Nicole” which is more at chiaroscuro, with the light from the window casting gentle effects on the delicate rendering.

ARAM MOON of West New York, New Jersey shows great imagination in his mixed media pieces. Most interesting is “Hey Mr. X! Let’s Dance Deep in the Forest (Wind-up Toy/Ring)”. As a work of body sculpture this is fantastic. As a small sculpture it works just as well. The combination of media is rich indeed - very engaging to the visual sense.

DARREN MORAWITZ of Hays, Kansas effectively plays with scale as seen in his piece “Inner Asylum”. The use of the same yellow framing in the inside piece adds another intriguing level to the work. The fists and the arms raised adds greatly to the expression. With an unusual perspective, he creates “Disarming” wherein he again uses the lifted arms to dramatize the message.

PAULETTE MYERS of Collinsville, Illinois works primarily with sterling and reticulation silver and iron to create exquisitely beautiful artwork. “Voyage Navigating Life” shows the reflectivity of materials in shapely geometric form combined with the elongation of the organic linear parts. And her work “Within Reach 2” with the thick and thin contrasts and the dance-like movement is a delight to see. This piece also includes biwa pearl adding to a kind of preciousness to the work.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is a master painter deserving of high praise. All of his works in this exhibition are masterfully realistic. “Boats at the Old Cannery” is outstanding in technique and composition. The warm and cool coloration adds impact as well as the attention to perfect detail. “L. A. Fire Boats” is similar in quality in all aspects with the addition of the effective tonal contrast seen in the reflections in the water. And “Point Fermin Lighthouse” gives a strong sense of space in a somewhat diamond compositional formation.

SHERRY ZACHWIEJA POWELL of Barboursville, West Virginia combines collage with pen and ink in such a profound manner. In “Alien Monologue” she contrasts the yellow-orange and blue-violet with various curvilinear, organic shapes in a wonderful movement through this fantastic work. And “Tattooed Memories” is quite striking with the polychromatic color and the multi-shaped organic parts with various patterns.

KARINNE SCHERZINGER of Sugar Land, Texas gives the show a very imaginative interpretation of “Adam and Eve”. The presentation of acrylic on clay, wood and the use of mixed media makes for an interesting interplay. The abstracted figures, the shelving and other embellishments adds to the delight of this piece.

LORRE A. SLAW of Northbrook, Illinois presents some fine works using her original drawings with Adobe Photoshop as a tool in her creative process. One of the most effective is “Saturday Night Rose” devoid of color, yet direct in terms of the strong tonal contrasts including a glow effect surrounding the flower.

GERAUD STATON of Durham, North Carolina captures recognizes special personalities and is able to paint them in oil as seen in “Crone”, wherein a special mood is felt in the facial features. And the warm and cool contrast impacts the expression. With red hair in an environment of green he presents a strong message in “Defending Her Honour”. The darts in the teddy bear and the dart in the apple above its head suggests that the woman is a good defender. Moreover, his painting “Miracles” captures the wonder and miraculous nature of birth as given by woman!

ANDREW TOTH of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is an outstanding ceramicist as seen in all his works in this show. “#130509” he uses mixed media to help raise the convex/concave spherical work in warm and light cool contrast. In “#130510” he adds more parts and more textures to present another fantastic piece; the warm palette works well with the natural media additions. In “#130511” the light cool protrusions atectonically positioned from the earth tone form is awesome as well. And “#130512” shows even more interesting parts that are quite rich texturally. The diagonal positioning seems to give an additional sense of movement to this work.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina is quite expressive and able to take risks just enough to come up with dynamic, contemporary art. “Studio Arrangement with Teeth and Eyeballs” gives the viewer a rich array of visual intrigue as the wall is highly embellished with variety that continues onto the floor.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California makes acrylic painting very active with the richly textured vertical line work with shoes moving diagonally across the plane. Not only is the controlled action painting "Climbing the Wall" dealing with actual movement in the painting process but the imagery of shoes walking, also deals with the idea of movement.

Please know that all the artists and their works were selected for this annual event because of the quality sensed in their works, therefore all should be congratulated!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art