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14th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The “14th All Media Juried Online International Exhibition” is a showcase of artwork that exemplifies the diversity of approaches to artistic expression with various media, subject matter and form. Herein are some comments about those works that resonate in terms of meaning and technique.

TOBI STAR ABRAMS of Arlington Hts., Illinois has a rich sensibility in the use of collage and acrylic. “Together Again” shows the expert manipulation of collage, evoking a hopeful upbeat message.

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia has a unique style in the wonderful and mysterious artworks she creates with an organic flavor. “Above Attatoll” is rich texturally and engaging in the manipulation of shapes. Her piece “Assembly” has similar qualities of wonderful fantasy.

RAY CHEN of Terre Haute, Indiana takes abstraction to a masterful level as seen in his “Mother and Child” series. The organic construction with its rough and smooth areas is quite intriguing.

BROOKS DeFEE of Coushatta, Louisiana has captured a delicacy in the lyricism of leaves and small stems together with the nuances of shadows. “Forestlight 5” is a fine example of the series.

ERNIE L. FOURNET of New Iberia, Louisiana is a master indeed with his attention to realistic detail. “Jingle Princess” is quite amazing in that it is done in pastel. Created in acrylic, he shows the movement in his piece “Spirit Wind”.

PAT GOLTZ of Tucson, Arizona has mastered the digital media. Using the Bryce computer program, she creates variety of blue-green tone in “Dolphin’s Playground”. And “School of Manta Rays” is a brilliant display of color and pattern rhythm.

LAUREN GREINER of North Augusta, South Carolina has a strong content piece done in acrylic. In “Australia: Cultural Contrast” text is used to reinforce the tension between the characters. The use of red and black adds to the drama.

ROSS HILGERS of Moorhead, Minnesota is a star ceramist. His work “Jupiter” stands 32” tall and commands a dynamic presence. And “Squared Entropy” shows several contrasts: geometric and organic and a red and green chroma. The circular and rectangular stacking adds greatly to the visual impact.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas gives the show a wonderful display of artworks as seen in his “#48 Art Car Milieu #1 - 2011” wherein the diversity of imagery with the strong coloration make for a compelling visual experience.

ANN NANCY MACOMBER of Arnold, California takes watercolor a step further in her special arrangements. “School One Day” shows split-complimentary palette with linear sectioning for a contemporary approach.

RICHARD McWILLIAMS of Dayton, Ohio gives the show a highly sophisticated realistic work in oil. “Flannel Shirt” is exquisitely developed capturing the wonderful facial expression together with the clothing and hat.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is a genius with acrylic as he is able to develop gradual tonal and color changes as if done in oil. One of his finest pieces is “Big Sur Sunset” with the strong contrast of light and dark and intense and dull color schematics. Another strong work is “Catalina Casino” wherein he takes realism to a high degree. And too, “The Red Car, Rolling Again” further displays his exceptional talent.

DAVID SAPP of Berlin Hts., Ohio has a developed affinity with gestural expression. In this show he adds collage to his work for a dynamic effect as seen in his piece “Oh My”. Herein the facial expression reinforces the idea.

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, Connecticut has a signature style with geometric abstraction and shaped canvases. Here work “Awakening, 1991” is quite strong in the warm and cool, circular and rectangular orchestration. Another strong work is “Resurrection, 1993” whereby she develops a circular center with triangular outer framing.

CODY SPIEGEL of Vermillion, South Dakota makes quite an impact with the sculpture piece “Drift” (Coracle Vessel I). The rich textural treatment and manipulation of mixed materials is very engaging. “Prosthesis” is another dynamic work with the textural strength throughout in various linear materials.

FRITZ SUTER of Van Nuys, California gives a colorful display with his delightful works in this show. “La Boda” is one of those special and playful works. With a bit more abstraction he develops “Life in the City” with many wonderful and fantastic qualities. Also, “Rancho” further shows this intriguing style of his. “The Circus Comes to Town” adds to this artist’s strengths as it too is an amazing display.

ESTHER WERTHEIMER of Boca Raton, Florida is one of our favorite artists. Her exquisite style with her figurative bronze sculpture is quite masterful. “Child with Dove” is lyrical and moving. With continued elongation of the figure for visual impact she creates “Madre Gambe Incrociate” in colored patina bronze which is simply awesome. Another masterpiece is “Madre in Circola LG”, also done in bronze with a strong oval arrangement. And her grouping in “Revelation” shows hope in the bright colors and the reaching upward of the five figures.

Lastly, the gallery wishes to thank all the artists selected for this all media showcase. The talent displayed is a rich experience for all the viewers.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art