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15th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Happy New Year!

Upstream People Gallery is happy to present this year's 15th All Media International which highlights a variety of artwork from several artists from various parts of the world. Herein are some comments about some of these works by very talented artists.

A. AYDIN BAYKARA of Ankara, Turkey has a fresh use of watercolor using a subject quite related to water, i.e. fish. His artwork "Fishes" is very appealing in terms of the signature technical approach. Another work gains merit especially in terms of the concept of survival of the fittest in his piece "Escape from Jaw".

JAMES BROWN of Cambria Hts., New York has a developed sensitivity not only regarding his technical prowess but also in terms of understanding the human condition as seen in his highly successful oil painting "Childrens' Carnival Haiti" wherein the visual precision is of the highest calibre.

LANRE BURAIMOH of Houston, Texas is an accomplished artists who uses beads. The work "Melody Makers" is jubilant in the sense of the color tonality with an abundance of highly saturated hues.

GAIL BUTLER of Chesterfield, Virginia has achieved a delicate handling of acrylic in her piece "Cultivating The Arts" with a bit of a humorous tone. The smiling faces adds to the positivity of the endeavor.

MATTHEW DEREZINSKI of Kirksville, Missouri takes digital technology to a high level in his rather mysterious and thought-provoking digital prints. "Crossroads #2" is handsomely textured with an interesting interplay of imagery to consider.

ERNIE L. FOURNET of New Iberia, Louisiana is a master acrylic painter as seen in his painting "Dream Warrior" which is part of his repertoire of colorful and decorative Indian portrayals. Another strong and very interesting characters is seen in his colored pencil drawing entitled "Fantome du Carnivale".

ARTIST GRAEHOUND of Broomington, Illinois has a signature style using a curvilinear, cell-like stringing technique and imagery. "Canopy" highlights this strength of style as well as the other work "Interior Design".

NANCY HART of Odessa, Texas has achieved a great deal with her mixed media work. In the piece "Natural World" she has developed a circular container with additional images of birds in different environments.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas is an amazing artist who is quite prolific and widely exhibited. His "Waiting Room-I. See. U." series is quite engaging and very strong in all aspects of artists bravado. The gallery is very proud to host such outstanding works by this very accomplished artist.

JENE LAMAN of San Marcos, Texas has an strong statement in the mixed media work "Get A Grip" wherein a hand is shown holding tightly. This direct approach makes the point succinctly.

JUNE LEE of Seoul, South Korea brings the show to a very high level with the many varied renditions of the human form in the "Bystander" series. All of the works presented in this show are marvelous indeed!

KATHY MITCHELL of Iowa City, Iowa has a different approach to the Barbie Doll form. "Takeout Ballerina Barbie (In Motion)" with its various mixed media adds greatly to the character and the earth tone patina makes for a rather curious statement.

ANGIE MORELLI of Las Vegas, Nevada gives a triptych presentation using various mixed media. In "Not Insincere Cute Doctor I #35" and "To Sender: Once Not Circuit I #37" she composes a lot of mechanical parts for intriguing compositions and messages.

MARIANNE STRATTON OGDEN of Bronx, New York has a fascinating mixed media piece that in its large size, gives much to ponder. The organization grid and many iconographic images tell quite the rich story. "Testimony: Part One" is awesome!

JILL PAJKA of Dayton, Ohio has a consistent color palette in her depiction of people, especially children. "And Then We Waited Two Minutes" is a strong horizontal composition in acrylic.

LYNN PALUGA of Archer, Florida has an aesthetically appealing found object assemblage entitled "69.3% Draw" with a game board aspect. The open padlock says a lot to the piece. The work "The Confessional" is also striking with the reflectivity of the container and the many beads and jewelry pieces.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is an expert painter of acrylic using his environment to produce several masterpieces. His painting "Brandon Beach" sets a warm mood and the open space is very much felt in the work "Great White Oak". The texture of the ground in contrast to the mechanical train and trainyard is quite handsomely presented in "Harbor Trainyard". And with the human figure and shadow, he creates another strong work entitled "The Painter I Used To Be".

DEBRA PURCELL of Lakewood, Ohio achieves a richly patterned work in her acrylic painting "Madison Park" wherein the highly decorative and abstract style is fantastic and playful. "The Murphy's" is another highly accomplished, colorful and imaginative work of art.

ESTHER E. RANDALL of Berea, Kentucky has some handsome digital prints which show a broad understanding of textural visual effects as seen in "sCape 103b". The atmospheric conditions are quite convincing. And "sCape 112" further shows the accomplishments of her signature style.

BRUCE SHORES of Greensboro, North Carolina has a nice touch with his painterly style with the landscapes in this show. "Cedar Trees in Snow" and "Late Afternoon Light" both show a rather Impressionistic understanding with the textural brushstrokes adding to the quality of the paintings.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York in her signature style, paintings subject matter at a aerial vantage point giving wonderful compositions as seen in her acrylic piece "Judhpur, India".

LORRE SLAW of Northbrook, Illinois, in her square formatted artwork has a wonderful work in "Turquoise Birds". The lime green and burnt sienna coloration together with the play of scale and bright birds makes for an interesting playful situation.

JOAN SOWADA of Gillette, Wyomming is an accomplished textile artist using the subject of children in many of her works. Of particular note in this year's show is her work "Riding Water" which brings into play some abstract compositional concerns.

CAROL STAUB of Port Saint Lucie, Florida understands acrylic and abstraction. Her work "Portal No. 6" has quite a presence with its strong tonal contrast. And "Subliminal Thoughts No. 3" is an achievement in linear and textural passages. The yellow-ochre and blue gray work together nicely.

JOHN A. VINKLAREK of San Angelo, Texas makes a very strong and tense statement in his successful serigraph entitled "Captive". The high tonal contrast and the twists and turns together with the glow effect are quite effective.

ANNETTE ZALANOWSKI of Altoona, Pennsylvania is accomplished in terms of detailing and abstraction. Her "In Full Bloom" is handsome and quite imaginative. And the complementary colors add to the strength of the piece.

All in all there are some skillful artworks presented this year. The gallery congratulates all the artists selected.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art