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14th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Welcome to the 14th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition. Upstream People Gallery is delighted to showcase some very fine art pieces from various parts of the world. Herein are some comments about some very special artworks:

RODNEY BLAKEMORE of Parks, Arizona has an impressive sculpture of a standing horse. The 74" height gives quite an impact and the message of the title "Shut Up And Buy" adds something special to the meaning.

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia has always given some powerful abstract works as seen in "Colour Eater" and "Multiverse", both of which are full of rich color and textural effects.

KAREN BRIGHT of Little Silver, New Jersey has developed some rich textural pieces with encaustic. Her "Rock Forest" and "And Then There Were Rocks" show the subject as an almost more real presence with the thickness of the media.

JEANNIE CHOE of Leonia, New Jersey has a definite unique approach to abstraction as seen in her "Dancing with Joy" wherein the many linear movements create a moving overall pattern. Of special note is "Wine and Gray" which has a rich density with rich coloration.

BRYON DRAPER of Springville, Utah gives the show two of his signature sculpture works. "Dancing Where the River Divides" and "Young Patriot" are handsome examples of his bronze figures integrated with stone pieces.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York has advanced to a new level with her three piece works which combines sculpture and painting. "King Kong" is an interesting combination. And "Yoko Ono" is another wonderful grouping of aspects of the portrayed person.

MICHAEL GRIESGRABER of Las Vegas, Nevada takes acrylic on canvas to a bright and wonderful geometric abstraction as seen in his works "X Diamond", "X Marks the Square", "X California" and "X the Puzzle". All are handsome indeed and the four foot square format makes for a strong graphic presence.

ANUPAMA JAIN of Dubai, United Arab Emerites takes geometric abstraction to a high level. "Cycle of Life" is a wonderful display of linear and small shapes orchestration. Another interesting interpretation is "Genesis" with blue organic interplays. And "The Moment After" with its warm and cool composition is quite handsome.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas provides his rich signature collage and photo process works as seen in his "The Butterfly Effect - 12 in 1 #19" with all its rich imagery and delightful coloration. And "96. Little Bit of Everything #15" is another wonderful display of integrated images.

GLEN LaMAR of Olympia, Washington has developed several very handsome praiseworthy sculpture works. "Praise With the Harp", "Refuge", "Robed in Majesty, Armed with Strength", "Sing and Make Music" and "Songs of Joy" all developed with a vertical presence, are magnificent indeed.

JEANA JAEGER McGIVERN of Wausau, Wisconsin takes clay to a nice abstract quality in "Recline". And "A Step Forward" works well with the linear protrusion.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska integrates various visual effects with graphite, colored pencil and gouache with some accurate realistic imagery. His "Arrangement of Five" shows this interaction. And "Arrangement with Two" adds more mixed media to show more textural effects.

KELSEY MITCHELL of Birmingham, Alabama has developed a signature style with dense linear gatherings as seen in "Excess(ory)". The dramatic tonal and color effects adds to the strong visual impact.

JOYE MOON of Oshkosh, Wisconsin takes abstraction and realism as a marriage to develop such works as "Coral Cactus". Her "Floating Ribbons" and "Free Fall" however are more pure abstraction. All are interesting together with the similar color palette.

LEON OKS of Niles, Illinois has a great affinity with overall pattern orchestration as seen in his rather rhythmical tonal interplay in the work "Sonata".

LARRY RANKIN of Carlisle, Pennsylvania has a unique approach with photography as seen in "Autumn Pond". The reflection in the water gives a wonderful sparkling pattern.

NANCY WYMAN RAY of Rock Hill, South Carolina creates some moving passages in her textural pieces. "Edisto Beach" and "Moonlight" are fine examples of her delicate artistry.

DAVID SAPP of Berlin Hts, Ohio brings graphite to a high level with his very expressive works. "Untitled, 12,3" is rich with gestural line and shape interaction.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania is a master of abstraction as she continues to explore her individual approach.
"Dancing the Night Away", "In the Toy Box", "Marionette Theater"", "On the Playground" and "Smoking Fish" are all masterpieces and a joyful celebration.

BRIAN SCOTT of Winetka, California in his "Explode" captures an engaging film still that is quite dramatic. His "Reflect" is rather mysterious in terms of how it was created.

ROD SEELEY of Oak Park, California has an awesome colorful piece he created digitally. "Bursting Colored Eggs" is quite nice with the circular shape interplay. His crystalline-like piece "Points of Color" is also striking. And the more varied "Rotating Color Trails" is most engaging.

DIANE SHAW of Martin, Tennessee has a wonderful interpretation in her acrylic painting entitled "Mother Nature". And with a cool palette she creates another rather mysterious piece in "The Orphan Child".

HAROLD SIKKEMA of Ancaster, Ontario, Canada in his "Communio" takes the natural forms in a circular composition. And his "Eden, Zion" gives a lot to ponder. "Lipo Osteo" and "The Way Of All The Earth" are also handsome interpretations.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York has a signature style. Her "Paper Factory in Vavaria" provides a wonderful interplay of shapes as seen from above. And "NJ Oil Fields" is another attractive composition.

CAROL STAUB of Fort Saint Lucie, Florida creates a dramatic abstract work in "Complexity" with the strong tonal contrasts. And her "Merged" shows her ability to create a range of textural passages. Also, "Sidewalk No. 14" is another handsome abstraction.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, P. R. China uses pastel in his work "Orange Black Yellow" wherein he shows careful integration of various organic and geometric aspects.

JIN YU TENG (DAISY TENG) of El-Monte, California creates some delicate pen and ink drawings. Perhaps most successful is the work "Quest" with all the delightful imaginative imagery.

TORE TERRASI of Arlington, Texas has a rather unusual presentation in the work "Grid Study - Organized" in which microfilm is woven together in a very organized manner.

MACHIKO OSHIMA TURNER of Christiansburg, Virginia takes acrylic to a rich fluid approach as seen in the work "Gretel and the Bluebird of Happiness".

TOM YEZZA of Vernon, New Jersey gives the show a strong symmetrical work in "24 Hour Clock" which moves radially like the hands of time. And his "Shutter" is an interesting interpretation of this function of a camera.

TERESA YOUNG of Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada has some fine acrylic detailing in her work "Chaos Out of Confusion". The intense curvilinear movements are quite striking. Another handsome work is her "The Ripple Effect" with a concentrated central passage.

KRISTINA ZALLINGER of Hamden, Connecticut is an awesome painter who understands color and abstraction. All of her works in this year's show are outstanding. "1950", 'LAVERNE", "MY FAV", "RECTANGLED" and 'YALE" are remarkable and delightful indeed.

ADELA (YING QIN) ZHANG of Shanghai, China brings lyricism to the show in her work "Music and Scents Whirling in the Air of a Mid-Noon" And her "Pastoral Symphony" is also lyrical. And "Playing Music with God at Every Presence" and "The Raising Church" continue this delightful development.

Thanks to all the artists who are able to understand abstraction and thus create some very interesting artworks.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art