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15th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Welcome to the 15th Annual Abstraction Juried Online Art Exhibition. It is wonderful to know that abstraction is still a mainstay throughout the world. Here are some examples of what is going on as well as come comments about some works that seem highly accomplished.

ABDULLAH AYDIN BAYKARA of Ankara, Turkey has a signature style with watercolor creating special effects, as seen in his landscapes. In particular is "Abstract Landscape 6" with its rid color and textures.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York creates truly awesome works as seen in "Got To Go There", which is quite striking with a pus and pull in a spatial setup. And "Indeterminacy" stands out with the dancing bluie and black shapes. Also "Primal-Primordial" with the warm and cool moving shapes, creates a extra special kind of energetic movement.

C. ARTHUR CROYLE of Ames, Iowa takes geometric abstraction to its highest level with such works as "Geometric Diptych" with the dynamics work well with the curvilinear and rectilinear contrasts. And "Time Waits for No Man" is another awesome work which is all the more impressive in its 72" x 72" size.

ASHLEY DuROSS of Petersburg, ALaska has a very significant painting entitled "Port Sprint" with the dynamic shaping and tonal contrast and play of warm and cool and saturation range is definitely stage ready.

STEPHANIE FUNKE of Manchester, Iowa has an accomplished piece called "Diablo Buds" with wonderful circularity and spots of delicate coloration.

JENNIFER M. HANNIGAN-GREEN of Benton Harbor, Michigan creates with strong simplicity of shaping with a strong statement using a minimum of form. "When I Pray...His Light Shines Down" makes the point very clearly. And in a little more descriptive manner she creates "When We Hug Another...His Light Shines Down". Both are very strong.

VALERIYA KHOMAR of Hampstead, Quebec, Canada has developed a very interesting visual vocabulary. The organic development of her "Admiration" is quite remarkable. And the sense of movement is quite effective in "Four Winds". Furthermore, her "Ties" is impressive with the sense of moving form.

CANDACE LAW of Berkley, Michigan has a work that sings with visual textural quality. "Stratum" in encaustic and rust, although small, speaks loudly with effectiveness.

PAUL McCLOSKEY of Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland presents several strong oil paintings. Of particular note is "Awakenings Reloaded Blue Gold" wherein the contrast of open space with a concentration of painterly quality is visually delicious. This effect is also powerful in "Awakenings Reloaded with Violet". Moreover, his three-dimensional work "The Omega (Awakenings 3D) Violet" is quite rich.

CAROLE MYERS of San Antonio, Texas is quite the abstract expressionist as seen in her wonderfully engaging piece "Tangerine Dream". The many textural areas with the stain effects are quite nice.

CRYSTAL OBEIDZINSKI of New Orleans, Louisiana has some mighty fine work that is arresting indeed. "30 90" is outstanding! And "NOLA Rising" is also strong and such an important work. Also, "Shutter Home" also makes quite the point. "Cypress" is another great piece indeed.

JOEL SCHECHTER of Valley Village, California creates with ink and in so doing has developed several interesting works. One of these is "Mushroom Heaven" with many intriguing textural areas. And "Three Pickle People & A Creep" has a very nice decorative tree.

DOROTHY SHEPHERD of Sunland, California has envisioned what an "Artist's Block" may look like. This piece is quite interesting and shows her ability to use a chinese brush for the special marks.

HARUHISA TAKANO of Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan has created a special style with radiating dashes of light and color. The works "Future Urban Speed" and "Future Urban Speed (of the R Zone)" are an unusual interpretation.

ANTHONY K. WILSON, SR. of Saint Johns, Florida takes color field painting to heart. His work in acrylic and mixed media entitled "Passion" hits the mark with the fire-like red and brightly intense yellow.

Congratulations to all the selected artists. Upstream People Gallery wishes you all the best.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art