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16th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Welcome to the sixteenth year of the Collage, Digital & Mixed Media International Art Exhibition hosted online by Upstream People Gallery. This year is another showcase of some traditional approaches as well as experimental endeavors that attempts to encapsulate some of the diversity among regional as well as international artists. It is such a pleasure to bring together this yearly exhibition. Following are some general comments about some of the works in the show:

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia never fails to impress with the array of wonderful artistic expressions, and indeed here there are some wonderful digital manipulations in the series "Walls of Valhalla". Numbers three and four are especially colorful and dramatic.

ARTURO CRUZ of Loretto, Minnesota brings together a unique concern with high contrast dealing with digital negatives, particularly strong is the work entitled "Icarus" wherein the movement is quite demanding.

CHERYL DAWDY of Ann Arbor, Michigan presents an intriguing abstraction in her collage work titled "Crevise II". The transparent overlays and the markings with minimal coloration, allows for an engrossing display and counter-play.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York continues a rich repertoire of visual expressions. In this show, the collage piece "Dolly at the Window" gives a glimpse of the lady with characteristic embellishments to enhance the personality. And her interpretation of "Big Apple" is fun and thoughtful.

AISTE GUREVICIUTE of London, England creates with pencil, pigment liner, colored pencil and liquid acrylic. In these works there is an abundance of visual character that is quite rich in pattern and character. In "Fantasy" the play of cloud-like facial skin in the cheek and chin area, and the projecting linear hair patterns is marvelously creative. The imaginative use of color and pattern together with the realistic rendering of the face, is quite powerful in "King". And "The Black Swan" done in pigment liner and liquid acrylic is compelling as well, especially with the head treatment. "Realms of Dreams" is another outstanding example of this artists vast talent with the fine linear work and the addition of color makes this one sing beautifully with such a gorgeous face too.

ERICA HART of Hankins, New York takes on an icon and develops a provoking statement that is rather unforgettable for today. In her "American Gothic Revisited" she adds the symbolism of oil, money and ventilators to impact the viewer's thinking about the certain conditions in the environment.

JOSEPH KAGLE of The Woodlands, Texas brings together his rich genius with art-making as seen in his "95. X's and O's #6" wherein the multi-art element orchestration speaks proudly and wonderfully. And the work "322. Search for a Personal Ch'i-Redefine Possible #461" displays a variety of imagery with a central focus made of bright complementary colors.

CORY KNEDLER of Vermillion, South Dakota hails from a strong university art department and this shows in his works. "36" x 38" is a curious work that is fun and engaging. Incorporating screen printing, relief, etching and digital work together he achieves a remarkable work indeed. And quite nice is the print entitled "Art Department" which allows the viewer to wonder about the goings-on in such a creative environment. And too, his "Yin and Yang" with hints given above the heads of the main characters, one gets a sense of the message.

SODAN LEE of Ames, Iowa shows tremendous talent in his mixed media avant garde fashion forms. "Hidden Beauty" is a fine example of the awesomeness of the bright colored imagery with the very unusual netting-moss-like structuring for the arms. Moreover, his "Fantasy" is simply outstanding and so imaginative that it demands respect, arresting the viewers' attention. And with pictorial emphasis he presents "The Doors" which illustrates another direction of tremendous talent.

JEANA JAEGER McGIVERN of Wausau, Wisconsin uses asymmetrically symmetrical formats in her collage work quite well and in the piece "Out of Control" she imparts a strong dramatic statement about guns. This decidedly is an important and significant message.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska has a keen sense of textural delicacies and subtleties as seen especially in the mixed media on paper works "Just a Little Arrangement with Red, Yellow & Blue" and the piece "Arrangement of Individuals with Light Complexions". Both achieve a display of fine nuances that delight the visual sense.

JANA C. PEREZ of Plano, Texas has a group of remarkable works using solvent transfer, collage and colored pencil. Her "Confluence" is humorous, yet expressive of some feminine traits. Perhaps the strongest statement among these pieces is her "Housewifegiant" which speaks well with the chosen imagery. The best part is the play with scale in her works.

DATTATREYA PHADKE of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a remarkable ability to create representational works with fabric collage on canvas. Of particular success is the work "A Winter Morning" wherein the depicted scene is rich with warm and cool coloration. It is more special in terms of recreating the interesting shadows of the seven trees.

SIBEL SANCAR of Ankara, Turkey has a mastery and a signature style with her digital works. Quite effective is the piece "Nature034 with the interplay of fine dancing linear work staged in areas of tonal and color change.

ELIZA M. SCHMID of Albuquerque, New Mexico has enhanced the work "Monsters Everywhere" with collage and a rough textural background using mixed media, cut-outs with monoprint. The overall sense is strange and effective.

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, Connecticut in her watercolor, oil pastel on torn paper work entitled "The Jury" is something to behold with the size of 38" x 108", giving the idea of judging huge credit. The play of the colored circular geometric shapes together with the torn irregular gray shapes is quite nice.

CAROL STAUB of Port Saint Lucie, Florida has an abundance of mixed media to express an eastern thought in "Asian Moon 2". Herein the oriental flavor comes through with the use of the space and the linear attachments. And in her "Portal No. 6" she achieves dramatic and authoritative character in her acrylic brushwork and the handsome color scheme, with a high tonal contract. And too, "Subliminal Thoughts No. 3" with the black and white textural developments with the golden yellow and various blues makes this a strong work of art.

HARUHISA TAKANO of Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan expresses a kind of delight with life. The sense of play and wonder never cease in his works. The Series of pictures with words "Concept of My Pictures" is a straight forward truth of expression that is refreshing indeed. Gentleness and honesty has a place here.

CHERYL TARRANT of Powell, Tennessee has some awesome works as seen in the fine digital work "Evening Rose and Snow". The subtle misty scene with little birds flying about makes for a calming mood. And in her "The Hummel's Humble Home" she captures the changing fall season on the farm with the textural qualities given to the gray sky as well as in other areas in the piece which gives it a special weighted character.

ANNA TROUPE of Cary, North Carolina expands her work to a wonderful level of decorative richness as seen in her concept of "Design Realities". The three-dimensional and the two-dimensional interplay are quite effective. Her "The Fabulous Memories, Parts One, Two, and Three" are amazing in the many details with the numerous images. It is all so rich visually.

MARYDORSEY WANLESS of Topeka, Kansas orchestrates within a grid structure with a kind of counter movement of birds, moving freely about in the work "Soaring". This collage - Cyanotype Photogram approach, all in blue shows a sophisticated work.

GARY WEATHERFORD of Sausalito, California works with tissue with fine results. Of particular note is his handsome work with acrylic and tissue decoupage called "Weathered". The texture he develops and the color choices work well together.

ISAAC WOLLMAN of San Luis Obispo, California speaks boldly in his mixed media piece entitled "Corazon". The delineated heart shape and the fine outline of the cross together with the bright orange and yellow, presents a strong visual.

Congratulations to all the selected artists who were chosen mainly because of their keen sense of artistry that qualified within the parameters of mixed media, collage and digital works. Thank you all for your dedication and individual approaches.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art