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13th Painting, Drawing, Photography & Print Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Upstream People Gallery is thrilled to present the “13th Painting, Drawing, Photography and Print Exhibition”. It is indeed interesting to see the quality of work in all of these media which gives a kind of credence to the plausibility that the more recent mediums of photography and prints earn a definite place in art history.

Following are some juror remarks about some of the works that, in varying degrees, illustrate various visual dynamics in a provocative and remarkable ways.

JIM ANTONUCCI of West Milfort, New Jersey creates a rather arresting work in his “Dying to Self” which conceptually is certainly honorable as it allows one to be selfless and concerned about the ‘other’. The asymmetrically symmetrical work uses icons such as the lillie and skull to bring importance to the message. The complementary colors strengthen the piece. His work “Shadows” is quite strong in black and white, wherein he uses interchangeable positive/negative imagery to complete the work.

NICOLA BOCKELMANN of Baildon, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom has a meticulous oil painting style which enables her to richly and accurately portray various textural surfaces from plastic to silk while expressing a dark rainy situation. The little umbrella over the cup is a nice touch in "Untitled".

KATE BORCHERDING of Huntsville, Texas has a signature style using the printmaking techniques of lithography combined with etching and woodcut. Her use of the portrait with added character treatments makes the figure/ground works more interesting as seen in “Reticent Memory”. Another curious work is “Small Dream, Small Truth” which presents the idea with dramatic tonal treatments. And “Speaking Without Words” is wonderfully handled. The hand signs add quite nicely as well as the imagery over the two mouths. Also in a similar ‘m.o.' she adds more imagery to the portrait in “What Does It Mean To Be Dead?”, presenting more to think about.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York gives the show a digital performance in his work “Conflict Resolution” wherein the expression is rather explosive in part with many diagonal hatchings in color add to the drama.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California continues to make strides in the contemporary art scene. Her oil on paper work “Three Faces of Eve” abstractly show three faces combined into one overall organic shape.

C. ARTHUR CROYLE of Ames, Iowa combines oil and acrylic in a successful way as presented in “The Stand” which shows the group of trees, centrally positioned in an open area of the landscape.

TONI M. ELKINS of Columbia, South Carolina presents a rich mixed media collage in “Hidden” which shows several interesting images from the mechanical to nature. The centrally placed eyes and the face and spider form add to the mystery.

GARY ENGLE of Fairview Park, Ohio has some very nice silver gelatin prints from hand-crafted negatives. The engaging textural patterns with the organic characteristics is quite strong in “Obsessive Emulsion Disorder #105” and “Obsessive Emulsion Disorder #18” shows a rich interplay of striking linear engagement with a high tonal contrast.

MANUEL J. GONZALES of Lubbock, Texas also has a unique signature style with bold patterns surrounding some representational imagery as seen in his “Mindstate IV”. Herein is a rich color palette with the strong blue horse center stage, implying a kind of strong horse power message. Also the bold warm and cool, light and dark treatment with rich patterning in “Mindstate V” is quite strong in the landscape format.

JOE KAGLE of Kingwood, Texas has a great sensibility undersanding human expression and visual aesthetics. His work "Time Portraits (1970-1973, 1970-1973) "Ma/Pa Kagle" shows two individuals over time. Another time-based work "Time Self Portrait - Joe (1965, 1971, 1985, 2000, 2011)" shows a rich coloration with a kind of taping for visual effect and a kind of marking of time in a way. In the same vein he presents "Time Portraits - Anne (1958, 1971, 1977, 1983, 2011)".

YACHI LAI of Taipei, Taiwan uses the motif of hand signs and in “Hand Sign No. 6” the use of the facebook icon works well with the thumbs up sign indicating a ‘like’ message. Also, “Hand Sign No. 9” uses the happy face icon with the corresponding contemporary hand sign. The latter shows a rich display of personalities with the more illustrative clothing and jewelry embellishments.

MO LU LU of Taipei, Taiwan gently presents in mixed media the “Scent of a Woman - Diamond Heart 2” which shows a kind delicacy in representing a flower in the area of the female face. The use of flat black figures in trio is rather graphic and direct. “Scent of a Woman - Diamond Heart 7” is similarly handled.

LES LUXEMBURGER of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada has a variety of works in this show. His photograph “Fish Hatchery” is strong in terms of the light to dark treatment. Also, “Moss” is rich in the close-up view with strong tonal contrast.

DIANA NIKOLOVA of Ruse, Bulgaria captures a rich aspect of the country in her photograph “Cairo” depicting a local man sitting on steps in the local environment. Her work “Sprinkenhof” is rather impressive in terms of the magnificent symmetry of the piece. Her work “Mendenhall Glacier 2” is indeed informative of what is going on with this glacier. The composition works quite well with the sense of counter movements of water.

LAUREN O’CONNOR of Westerville, Ohio works in oil on canvas and successfully emphasizes the largeness of a sandwich by painting it forty-four inches wide as seen in “Sub Sandwich”.

SARAH OXENHAM of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia has some wonderful light effects in her photographic prints. “Untitled 1” is somewhat curious with the lit areas showing a bicycle in the lower left and an exercising figure in the upper right. And in “Untitled 4” the lit areas are quite interesting in the dilapidated space. All of her works are quite dramatic and engaging.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is such a master painter. In “The Alma Baru” he depicts the scene with exquisite accuracy and the pink and light green with black shadow parts and the reflections on the water are nicely done. In a more emotional piece, “Ground Zero Remembered” is significant indeed. The play of scale is strong in his painting “The Vincent Thomas Bridge at Sunset".

SERGIO RODRIGUEZ of Miami, Florida captures the essence or spirit of an archangel in his amorphous quality in “St. Michael” which is curiously created with acrylic, latex, enamel and cement on canvas. And in the abstract mode he succeeds in “Stained Glass Window #3”.

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, Connecticut creates some compelling shaped acrylic paintings, one of which is the four panel piece entitled "Life As Changeable As The Seasons, 1985". The work has four rather different color palettes indicating the four seasons and each interconnected with the bold and active linear movements.

LORRE SLAW of Northbrook, Illinois gives the show a touch of digital manipulation. Perhaps the strongest is “In My Garden” which she maintains a brilliance in the color and reinforces the line qualities of the plant forms.

MARISSA TIRONE of Firenze, Italy presents some interesting watercolors. One of the most successful is “Wash ‘n’ Fold” (2) which shows the subtle handling of tonal changes.

DIANE TURNER of Kutztown, Pennsylvania is an expert at oil painting. Her work “Triplets” is an excellent example of Super Realism. The treatment of the stone and grassy ground together with the intertwining wood is flawless. Moreover the accurate depiction of the women is outstanding indeed. The presentation of the gentle amidst the rough terrain is commendable.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California expands his technique with acrylic especially in his piece “Synapse” wherein the linear patterns give a nice rhythmic flow.

GOGO YU of Taipei, Taiwan shows in a somewhat simple elegance a kind of self understanding concept which works quite well in “A Cosmos by Itself No. 2”.

Even though this is a rather small international showcase, the works are indications of what is going on worldwide. We hope you enjoy the show.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art