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14th Painting, Drawing, Photography & Print Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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DAVID BLOW of Hickory Creek, Texas is a prolific photographer and in this exhibition he shows an interesting variety of subject matter. Especially striking is his work "Water Balloon Fight" which captures the activity very nicely and the expression on the girl is wonderful. Also his work "Release Peace" is compelling considering releasing the dove from the bottle to achieve peace across the world.

KATE BORCHERDING of Huntsville, Texas takes on the rather complex concept of memory in a work by the same title “Memory”. The lithograph shows two overlaying faces, the underlapped one showing eyes looking back at the other suggesting perhaps remembering. The accompanying hands adds another touch as if seeking out.

LANRE BURAIMOH of Houston, Texas has a great understanding of color using an intense polychromatic color palette for her work “Entertainers” which indeed suggests colorful personalities, herein shown mostly through faces and hand gestures. And in a more even toned coloration, the work “Faces” shows a rich assortment of characters with the addition of nicely embellished linear patterns.

JOHN A. CALABRESE of Denton, Texas is a master with graphite. His work “Heart of the Matter” gives one reason to pause and think about what is being considered with the figure looking toward a centrifugal glacial phenomenon. And in the similar context of the sky and atmospheric qualities, he presents “Little Girl Lost” which is an interesting consideration as one tries to find oneself in the path of life.

MACK GINGLES of Waco, Texas demonstrates his controlled skill with charcoal to produce “Queen’s Gambit” which shows a contemporary genre of friends around the table at a restaurant. The bearded male looking toward the two figures on the other side of the table is a nice compositional counterplay. He uses three figures again in his work “Three of a Kind” which shows three men yet each with a distinct character. Again with the restaurant placement, the figures are about their business. The warmer tone of the charcoal works quite well in this environment.

PAUL HITCHEN of Somerset, Massachusetts presents a body of works dealing with ships and boats and water. One of the works has a special appeal especially during this time of hurricane Sandy. “Into the Hudson” shows the magnificence of the grand ship in the city’s harbor.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas continues his rich photo process and collage signature style. The grid composition works well to contain the abundance of rich imagery in "’127. "The Butterfly Effect - 12 in 1 #19’". Also, "DR 110. The Waiting Room - Out of Order 9 - #28" is quite touching and his handling of textural patterns combined with the pen and ink are quite engaging. And "103. The Waiting Room #3 - I. See. U" is another very rich and illustrative, informative work in multi color.

JEFF MILLER of Beardstown, Illinois has an interesting personal style. His linocut “Impose” is rich with linear texture and the massive size of the body makes the necessary impact expressed in the title. Also, his other work “The Crowd” is quite effective and full of rich character although the grouping is rather imposing with the rigid black block bodies, which adds greatly to the visual effect.

SMITH OLAOLUWA of Islo, Lagos, Nigeria shows his oil painting skill in his work “Life Undersea”. The large and small fish are nicely rendered with his smoothness of brushstroke.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE is making an impact with her aerial views of wonderful landscapes and structures. “South Africa Suburb” is colorful and an interesting composition of rectilinear and curvilinear aspects. And “Dusseldorf, Germany” shows a wonderful building structure, unseen by normal land views.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, P. R. China has a reflection in water piece reminiscent of Monet’s "Water Lilies". His photographic process work is a nice mixture of blues and is appropriately titled “Blue Pond Solace”.

HANNAH UENO of Mays Landing, New Jersey has several intriguing digital painting works. Her "'Table and Mirror (from the "Table Series")"' shows her rich imaginative and technical skill. And "Table and Compass (from the 'Table Series')" also shows a delightful play with various objects all about the desk and around the room. The brownish gray sets a definite mood in her "'Table and Piano (from the 'Table Series')"' as does the warm reddish-brown which adds to the atmosphere in her "'Table and Green Papaya (from the "Table Series")"'. And the Oriental aspect comes through in her "'Table and Game of Go (from the "Table Series")"'.

CLEO WILKINSON of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia creates a strong statement in her “Discarnate” mezzotint print. The subtle texture and the stark black setting sets a striking mood enhancing the contemplative nature felt in the face. All of her works are quite strong with deep messages.

KATY WOODROFFE of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia has a compelling concept developed in her piece “Birth of Butterflies”. The near symmetrical arrangement gives it a sense of importance.

ANTHONY WOOLF of Cottonwood Heights, Utah is an excellent drawer as seen in all of his works in this show. Especially unique is his graphite drawing “Self-Mastery”. Even though it is a game they are playing, the deeper meaning is far-reaching. Sometimes we win and sometimes we have frustration.

Thanks to all the participating artists selected for this rather small international showcase. It is indeed interesting to see what is going on in the artists' minds from various parts of the world.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art