Upstream People Gallery

16th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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KATHRYN CRAMER BROWN of Bridgewater, Virginia has a wonderful sense of expression using a digital painting technique. In her “Night Catch” the abstracted hand captures a light circular shape from the strong textural and dark area.

ELINOR BUCHOLTZ of New York, New York has an affinity with abstraction with acrylic paintings that are fresh and impactful. This is especially apparent in the moving piece entitled "Suspended".

SUBHA CHAUDHURI of Evanston, Illinois has a signature style using modeling paste and acrylic creating a strong grainy texture. In “Fiery Sunset” the reds, greens, violet and yellow and bits of blue make for an enhanced scene. The cracking here and there add to the treatment. And the work “Earth from Air - Harbor Isles” has a different quality with the modeling paste. The blue in the warm environment add a nice contrast.

CHRISTINE COOK of Naples, Florida makes digital look painterly in the linear areas. In "Mystère" she uses silhouettes of figures facing a mysterious space. The oval composition seems to add to the curious setup wherein the space beyond is unusual.

ARTURO CRUZ of Loretto, Minnesota creates some unusual effects with photography using digital negatives as seen in “Poems to the Sea 1”. This wonderful interplay of the fluid and the organic areas works well also in “Poems to the Sea 2”.

JOSEPH KAGLE of The Woodlands, Texas is one of the gallery’s geniuses. His ability to organize many variables is masterful. All of his works show a level of artistic insight that speaks volumes. This is seen in “78. Little Bit of Everything #3”, “79. Little Bit of Everything - #4”, “84. Little Bit of Everything #9”, “88. Little Bit of Everything - #13” and “94. X’s and O’s - #5”. His use of acrylic and collage is simply amazing!

JOEY KOROM of Chicago, Illinois has a handsome approach to abstraction with confident markings and color choices as seen in “Abstract Painting 10”. The textural qualities created with the mixed media is rich and painterly. And “Abstract Painting 24” with the strong color contrast is also visually commanding.

GEORGE MARLOWE of Marina Del Rey, California creates some playful and delightful compositions using wood blocks in a collage setting. The polychromatic scheme adds tremendously to the overall pattern. And the circle cut outs in the majority of pieces helps to unite the work appropriately called “Blockbuster #1”. And “Blockbuster #2” is another great work that is delightful and strong.

RYOTA MATSUMOTO of Mitaka-shi, Japan uses mixed media to create some wonderful orchestrations as seen in “Silent Verses With Our Whirlwind Imagination”. Another rather large piece is “The Intersection of Infinite Planes” wherein the larger, highly saturated shapes are central with the smaller, desaturated parts on the outside. The subtle color change in the background helps to enhance the overall pattern. And with limited color, “Those Dazzling Lights Surround a Silent Space” is quite dramatic. Perhaps the most varied in shape and color is the work entitled “Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event” which is the favorite of the group!

JOSE ACOSTA MIYER of Hialeah, Florida works in a large format with actual texture added to the rather flowing compositions as seen in “Madonna” and “Michael Jackson”. Both works have an interesting interpretation of these two personalities.

MARK POL of Amsterdam, The Netherlands has a “Miro-like” sensibility. In “Threaded Desire” the organic parts play in a surrealistic environment. This presentation is rather curious in that one wonders what desire is a threaded one, that perhaps what one wants needs to be sewn together.

NANCY WYMAN RAY of Rock Hill, South Carolina creates a world of interconnectedness of patterns harmoniously developed in black and white using ink. "Drawing" has a lot of movement with black and white lines; "At the Border" has a lot of variety and is quite dramatic with the higher tonal contrast; "Benjamin's Universe" is an even spread of many wonderful smaller shapes.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania has a great sense of color especially seen in her acrylic painting "Egg Hunt" wherein the eye moves all about the curving structure with many egg shapes placed throughout suggesting the moving around looking for eggs as in an Easter Egg Hunt.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York finds intriguing compositions from above. One of the most unusual in this show is her "MiniGolf". It is simple, yet strong. On the other hand, her "Waterslides" is rich with linear movement all about. The colors are quite striking.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California has a signature style with an organic sense of movement and shape. Of particular note is his "Pirate" with the up and down play of paint.

KRISTINA ZALLINGER of Hamden, Connecticut is a star artist! Her works are simply outstanding in composition and color especially. "Color On A Shelf" is a fine example of her virtuosity. And "King Tut" works well with the organic and geometric contrasts. "Love PINK" is also very rich in terms of color and shape and texture. And too, "White Is Often Light Purple" has a nice play of large and small in addition to all the other dynamic elements.

Thanks to all the successful artists who have made this international showcase a fine example of the ongoing interest in abstraction.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art