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2015 Exposition of Awarded Artwork WWW International

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This 2015 Exposition of Awarded Artwork WWW International is perhaps one of the very unique kinds of art exhibition in that all the artwork has received special honors in various competitions/exhibitions. It is indeed the gallery's honor to show these wonderful award-winning works of art.

DAVID BLOW of Hickory Creek, Texas has such a masterful facility with digital media. This is apparent in all his awarded works: "Firmament", "New Morning", "Of This World", "Street Bath" and "The Gathering". His overall sensibility with the beauty of nature and the rhythm of life and design shine forth in his work.

WILLIAM FRANCIS BRENNAN of Berlin, Germany has developed a lusciousness in his painterly expressions, so rich in visual character. His "Dawn at the Coast of Mendocino", "Not Connected", "Shoreline at the Presidio", "Smash" and "The Man with His Monkey" all show a cool temperature which reinforces the strong textural character.

IOANA DATCU of Springfield, IL uses mixed media very successfully as seen in her "All Come to Me", "Twelve for Supper" wherein she combines oil on photographs in an installation and "Judas' Kiss" which is a mixed media collage. Her spiritual messages in all are handled in a most magnificent manner and the sizes make them all the more important.

BRYON DRAPER of Springville, UT is a sculptor's sculptor. The way he forms his figures in a combination of stone and bronze makes him an original, which likely comes from an aesthetic dealing with "knowing thyself". His "Scribe" captures a uniqueness and touches upon the historical. And his "Sentry II" captures the areas of the body that are significant to the Sentry's character.

LUKE ENGLE of Sault Ste. Marie, MI expresses through various aspects of the landscape. His "Bound for Silverton" and "Sacred Sequoia - Ethereal Glow" has his special personal touch in charcoal. And with his photographs "Golden Sunset", "Sturgeon Bay Sunset", "Summer Sunset" and "Sunset on the Breakwall" he captures the warmth of the sun in sky and water.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Hamburg, NY has a love for the red hue which make her work quite impressive. "By Any Other Door", "Far Summer", "Silent Water" and "The Tycoon" are rich also with collage work. Her high level of abstraction and use of various photographs and mixed media add so much to the strength of each of her works.

PAT GOLTZ of Tucson, AZ presents a strength in her gentle photographs. "Costa's Hummingbird" contrasts a small delicacy up close and a large mountain terrain in the distance. "Creation - Let There Be Light" is a magnificent value contrast piece. And "Harris' Hawk with Moon" she uses a two-centers approach to the two subjects. "Inner Reflections" is quite a sparkling work. Also "Teal Swirl" softly dances about.

CAROL HAYMAN of Austin, TX makes bold and intriguing statements in a strong tonal effects. Her "Barton Creek Bridge", "Child Soldiers in the Fashion War" and "Down the Alley" and "Bows" provoke a kind of strangeness which is out of most people's visual experiences. And too, "Child Mannikins" with a sense of storage and the colored wig is remarkable.

JOHN H. HUGHLEY of Durham, NC succeeds with his genius in working with the digital media. The overall pattern and subordinated color palette speaks of strength and confidence in his "Patchwork" series. The smaller to medium small sizes helps the viewer to take in the delicate patterning in a single gaze with slow panning throughout to view the whole work.

JOE KAGLE of Kingwood, TX has exhibited widely with his intriguing, informative collections of various parts that he composes together in one piece. All of his colorful mixed media pieces are amazing as seen in "150. Open the Door - Redefine Possible #3", "30. Time Self Portrait - Joe (1965, 1971, 1985, 2000, 2011)", "322. Watercrest - I. See. U. #6", "62. Art Car Milieu #1-2011", "78". Little Bit of Everything #3", "81. Little Bit of Everything #6", "88. Little Bit of Everything #13", "94. X's and O's #5" and "Self-Portrait". Joe is quite versatile.

JOSEPH A. LANGLEY of Granite City, IL is also a versatile artist with various subject matter. His awarded artworks: "Bohemian Gallery, January 2007", "Open March 3", "Patriotic 2002", "St. John's" and "The Storm 2b" shows his high level of achievement, excelling in acrylic as well as photography.

CANDACE LAW of Berkley, MI uses encaustic and photography to bring forth rather compelling imagery. "I Spy With My Little Eye" helps us to imagine peeking out just a little. The little blue truck gives a playful sense to the piece. "Lines of Force" is warm piece with gentle linear sections. And "Netherworld" is rather misty and mysterious. Her "Winter Slumber" captures well the winter message.

DAVE MANRIQUEZ of Omaha, NE develops strong and attractive works that have the appeal of something between collage and assemblage. His acrylic and collage "Dementia - I get by with some help from my friends including Orozco and Kollwitz" is amazing in the depth of expression. And "Jesse The Body Ventura" gives honor to both artist and Jesse. His "Master of Disaster" is full and organized. And "Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg" makes one think. And too, "Why" tackles the question of violence. All his works are thought provoking and heartfelt, indeed.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, CA is a master painter in acrylic with exquisite and highly praised paintings. All of his work here is created by a genius artist and this is just a sampling of his awarded masterpieces. "Angelsgate Lighthouse 2", "Hotel Cabrillo and The Happy Diner", "L. A. Fireboats", "Lakewood Cyclery" and "The Painter I Use To Be" are all some of the best realism works around. There are not enough congratulatory remarks to give to this magnificent painter!

ROBYN SAURINE of Singapore shows a rich textural color field painting with mixed media in "Bewildered" and "Lion" with its bright palette is free and strong like a lion. And her work "Move My Eyes" definitely provides the viewer the opportunity to move aggressively throughout the abstract acrylic work on canvas.

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, CT has a well tuned signature style as seen in the acrylic on linen piece entitled "Breaking Free" wherein the geometric hard-edge triangular work is dramatic and nicely done. Her "Follow Your Dream" with its complementary and split-complementary coloration provides a confident and definite character to the piece. "In Perpetuity" is absolutely gorgeous in so many ways. The 3-d dimensional aspect is masterful indeed. And "Neo Gothic" is so strong with the diamond repetition and overlays, the shadows and the all black!

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, NY provides her discoveries of wonderful patterns with her aerial perspective paintings, all of which are meritorious and quite delightful. The true-to-life views are so compelling and the color palette matches beautifully. She gives the art world something that most people rarely see in this special cropped way that she has developed to well.

MARY LUCIA DI IORIO SILVA of Belo Horizonte, Brazil is not only a ceramicist but also a sculptor. All five "Untitled" works have a special character which spotlights her signature style with a similar motif of her cylindrical forms. The plates are kind of like the fine decorative dinner dishes from a fancy restaurant and the more sculptural works are like a wonderful display or even on parade, depending on their arrangement and setting.

CAROL STAUB of Port Saint Lucie, Florida has received praise for her wonderful earth toned works as seen in "Breakout", "Celestial 3", "Complexity", "Environmental 11" and "Subliminal Thoughts No. 1". She achieves a rich manipulation in abstract terms with a high contrast of value contrasts coupled with additional great textural aspects that are truly amazing and visually strong!

CRAIG WALKOWICZ of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is quite adept with various media, including photography, oil and watercolor. His photography is striking as seen in the high definition "View from Custer State Park, South Dakota…". The "Aerial Artistry…" piece captures the moment in a wonderful composition. His colorful "41st Annual American Indians Reaching for Opportunities…" is so engaging. "Frostbite" and "Father and Son" round out his strong talents.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, CA handles acrylic on canvas is a special signature style that is very engaging in terms of the message and the unusual technique of painting. The visual effects in "Kimono" is very rich and the color striking. And "Maui Sunset" is amazing in terms of color. "Synapse" is another wonderful piece with the delicate dancing array throughout. "Mindful" and Sierra" are further examples of the fine artistry of this artist.

EVE MARGO WITHROW of Medford, OR uses mixed water media on paper and succeeds with "Alaska Sunset" which gives a sense of the extreme cold and bright sunset. And "Birth" gives a sense of excited expectation with the general overall radiance. Her "Dreams of Men" with the array of organic texture and radiating structure is quite compelling. "Personal Practice" with the wonderful characters and textural qualities is nicely presented in the desaturated color. Also in the same palette, "The Guardian" is amazing with her textural treatment.

RICHARD WYNNE of Lake Elsinore, CA presents some rather honest figurative works with an abundance of expression as seen in the panoramic piece entitled "Armageddon Rag". And his "Brother vs. Brother" is very strong especially with the frontal bloodied hand -- such drama in pastel! The lacquer work "Car Wash" with its everyday genre, is nicely orchestrated. His "Mood Nude" in basic green is rich in oil pastel. And "Rapper" is colorful and moving with his use of dark lines in the folds.

MARIAN YAP of Pacifica, CA has achieved a fresh abstract level of expression. Her "Float", "Going to the Gypsy" and "Strata" all show a kind of softness and sense of orchestration fine tuned. And her "Male Figure" and "Stillness" with figurative qualities are quite strong in the manner of her sensitive painting technique.

SBIROV ZAKIR of Duchanbe, Tajikistan has mastered the area of "Parallelism" as seen in his quality pieces: "Bahmanyr", "My Brother" and "Spring". Its relative style of Cubism is felt somewhat, however the strength of the consistent parallel character of the parts of the painting not only unite the overall effects but makes for a strategic style.

Upstream People Gallery is very proud of all these artists. Congratulations!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art