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9th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Our 9th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle is a nice show for these winter months in North America as it can lift spirits. Following are some examples of artists’ works that are quite colorful displaying color tonality in a very rich sense.

JOYCE WADDELL BAILEY of Estero, Florida takes the theme of colored pencils in various compositional states and does indeed give a direct experience of the subject of color. Her “Big Blue (#154)” is quite effective in the pencil state of being sharpened, cantilevering in and circling around. Her other pieces also work well compositionally.

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia is a master mixed media artist. Using acrylic and collage she creates a rich and dynamic work in “Cebulon’s Centre” with the fabulous texture, reflectivity and color enhancements. Another rather arresting work is “Mount Warning 333 BC” with its bold purposeful movements upwards and dripping effects downwards.

ANN CHRISTENSEN of Chelmsford, Massachusetts has a luscious use of oil as seen in the expertly painted “From Me to You”. The warm middle ground framed by the blue foreground and sky is quite effective. Also her piece “Thinking of You” is terrific as she captures the swirling cloud formations.

IVANA DOLEJS of Prage, Czech Republic uses spots of bright colors within an overall low key palette to create a strong oil painting entitled “Kings of the Bird Empire”.

LIVIA L. GUS of Bronx, New York certainly has a great color sense. In all her works one could designate her as a true colorist. One of the most interesting paintings is “Who Are You?” wherein she creates a fantastic scenario. And “Deepwater Horizon (Triptych)” is engaging in the sequential orchestration in bright warm and cool colors. Also her piece “Seasonal Feet (4 Paintings Read as One Unit)” is quite nice in its interpretation.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas has work like an artist of the New York School of Painting in which the works are filled with many images. His works in this show are absolutely outstanding and truly awesome. "Build a Dream" #42 (28,33,34,36), 2011, "Natural Vision" #24 (14, 30, 16, 40) 2011 and "Open Wide-Architecture" #43 (12, 17,34,38), 2011 are three of those that capture the attention.

KENNETH KAPLOWITZ of Pennington, New Jersey definitely works with color to his advantage and with his sense of abstraction and technical skill he creates some very wonderful artworks in print. The color change used in “Adam Hides” from the bottom to the top is rich indeed, playing the double complements. The geometric orchestration in “Joshua at Jericho” is another strong work and the rich patterning is very effective. The basic complements of blue and orange work to enhance the message in his work “Mind Machine”. And “Moses and the Tablets” and “Woman Crying” are other fine examples of his expertise.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Reno, Nevada has a professional use of mixed media understanding the various visual effects of media. Her work “Strange Meadowlark” shows a lyrical abstraction that is exquisite.

JEANA JAEGER McGIVERN of Wausau, Wisconsin gives the show a collection of well developed clay works wherein color is naturally occurring in the process. “Emerging” is quite handsome as it opens up at the top. “Paleolithic Echo” is curious in the context of the historical reference. And “Reflective Patterns” is quite nice with the linear movement embellishment and tonal contrast.

ROBERT PENDLETON of Oceanside, California has an assortment of various works with color an important element. His work “Magenta Sky - Cottage” is quite attractive with the unusual coloration. With similar subject matter he creates “Wish You Were Here” with the digital manipulation giving a wonderful color treatment.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania has mastered a signature style with her lyrical geometric abstraction. One of the strong and colorful works is “5 American Climbers” which is moving and rather jubilant in mood. “After Life” is quite engaging with the large swirling and polychromatic brightness. “Crescent Beach” gives a sense of beach balls, water and sunshine in an exciting arrangement. And another excellent work is “Gossamer Wings” which flows beautifully with dancing curvilinear movements.

ELIZA M. SCHMID of Albuquerque, New Mexico produces a wonderful abstract oil on canvas in her “Homage a F. Hundertwasser I” with the teal green and orange palette. It is playful and engaging.

MIRELLA SCULLY of Mt. Prospect, Illinois has a great eye for photography. One of the most compelling pieces is “Girl with Red Blanket” which is endearing especially with the bow and the healthy face.

CRAIG WALKOWICZ of Stevens Point, Wisconsin finds electricity and bright color in his photograph “Carnival Ride” which is quite exciting to see and recall such imagery. The clear blue sky enhances the subject well.

PHILLIP WINDELL (aka paw fotograf) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania finds color in nature as seen in his work “Pennsylvania Grand Canyon” wherein he shows the warm foreground to cool distance in the natural setting of the landscape.

EVE MARGO WITHROW of Medford, Oregon takes color tonality of hue, value and intensity to the maximum degree in her piece “Dreams of Men”. The radial patterning and expert use of mixed water media effects are dynamic. And “Alaska Sunset” gives a sense of the extreme cold and bright sunset.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art