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10th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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It is always interesting to see what artists are doing with the wonderful element of color. This year's show includes some very colorful works and some rather subtle uses of color. Here are a few comments about some of the artists and their works:

ROBERT G. ANDRUS of Gurnee, Illinois has achieved a mastery working with various woods to create some imaginative and handsome wood sculptures. "Alpha Omega" is a good example of his expertise as well as his refined piece "Sanctuary" which in its simplicity speaks volumes artistically.

DAVID M. BERNSTEIN of New York, New York shows a strong photograph that captures strong light and dark contrasts with interesting shadows that work quite well with an interplay of diagonal compositional strengths. "Glasses in Sunlight" is quite nice.

SABINE BLODORN of Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia creates with mixed media in a wonderful and intriguing way. Her "Me The Tree" is rich with color and texture. Her "Somewhere Else I" and "Somewhere Else II" are rich with amazing organic qualities that are very strong with color, texture and value contrasts.

LEAH BROSIG of Sequin, Texas has a keen eye for photography as seen in the work "Alpine Street Reflection" wherein she captures the colorful reflection of a building in the water on the street. Her "Beach Cluster 3" is a delight showing all the beach goers going about their activities. And "Belfast Solo" shows her ability to captures a calmer and serene mood. Also, "Eola" is interesting in terms of the various colors on the older buildings. "Lady Catherine Leads" is quite nice too in that the composition gradually fades on the right.

BRUT CARNIOLLUS of Radovljica, Slovenia, EU has an interesting approach capturing the movement of cars as seen in the work "Streetgliding in Cuba, No 3689a, 2012".

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York has achieved a great deal using Adobe Photoshop. "Exit" is one of those works that are very strong in terms of the composition of unusual abstract shapes with very strong value contrast. Another very interesting work is "Spiderman's Ferry" which combines hints of the subject in an environment of wave-live movements.

KEVIN E. COLLANDER of Cardington, Ohio works rather expressively as seen in his work "Stone Soup I" which shows the richness of a spontaneous gestural approach.

PIERRE COOK of Houston, Texas shows a compelling photograph entitled "Galveston Sunrise" which captures the anticipated early time of day. And his "Red Wall" is quite nice and unusual with so much red on a building. The simplicity of the composition is great.

JEAN N. DONEGAN of Thibodaux, Louisiana expresses strong content in her ceramic work entitled "It's a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" (Sodom & Gomorrah Series, Candelabra)wherein the Biblical episode is graphically apparent. Her "Sodom & Gomorrah Pitcher" is another strong work and so unusual as a pitcher considering the intense subject matter.

PATTY FRANKLIN of Woodinville, Washington takes mosaic to a high level in her work "Organized Chaos". The abundance of every art element is rather arresting yet composed within the linear rectangular framework within and the harmony of the circular repetition. Her sculpture "The Fool's Fiddle" is fun and playful.

EUGENIA ALGAZE GARCIA of Fulshear, Texas has achieved an effective treatment using ink. Her interpretation of "Jazz Boots" is texturally impressive.

GRAEHOUND of Bloomington, Illinois has a signature style as seen in the mixed media work "Dreamcatcher" wherein she uses string-like imagery. Another effective work is her "Frankentestine 8" which is quite the interpretation.

LIVIA L. GUS of Bronx, New York has an a repertroir of various subjects that are developed with special interest. Her oil painting "Twain" shows twins turned sideways with faces forward in a colorful environment of circular shapes.

RANDY HALL of San Angelo, Texas has a definite signature style using rectilinear abstraction. Of particular note is "Green Street" with the gold and green with a strong light and dark contrasts.

DOUGLAS JEWELL of Cochiti Lake, New Mexico captures some wonderful land formations as seen in his photograph "Ancient Wave" wherein the intense movement is quite dramatic.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas continues to create outstanding abstract works that are rich in texture and color. His "Building America #5" is quite striking with the bluer colors on the left and the reddish colors on the right. His "Quantum Foam #14" seems joyful with the many colorful circles all about.

MIKE MAZER of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is a master watercolorist. His works in this year's show are a testament to his expertise. His attention to detail is admirable in "Sabino at Mystic Seaport" and "Oil Barge & Tug". And "Pidgeon Cove" shows the gentle water reflections.

ROB MILLARD-MENDEZ of Evansville, Indiana has some interesting sculptures. His abstract work "This All Goes Down Together" is handsome with its light color atop the dark base structure. "Critical Mas(k)" is an interesting play on the idea and the use of measuring sticks is quite nice and well done. And his "House for a Perpetually Unlucky Person" is bold in yellow and is a bit humorous indeed. Another rather humorous work is "The Little Bulloo Pill". "Orange Crusher" is yet another great work with a play with the title.

DEBRA DENISE PURCELL of Lakewood, Ohio has a wonderful sense of detail and pattern. Her acrylic painting "Lakewood Painted" is delightful with a amazing arrangement of the city and water.

BOJANA RANDALL shows an interesting interpretation of "Dreamcatcher" with the close up of a man's face with the woman in the distance. The blue and orange together with the high value contrast work to create a strong impression.

PETER SCALA of North Charleston, South Carolina has a wonderful sense of artistic expression with a rather contemporary cubistic style. His "Street Crossing" shows some interesting characters. His "Dusk (At the Beach)" shows the more desaturated colors of this time of day, together with the playful shapes and lines to express the scene. "S. of Broad St." is another one of his abstract interpretations in mostly cool colors.

MICHAEL SCHAFFER of Carmichael, California works in acrylic paint and ink to develop works dealing with cosmic subject matter. His "Cosmic Splash" shows some unusual organic formations within the spatial atmosphere.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount,, Pennsylvania has a wonderful sense of visual communication as seen in her stylized work "Nurse on Duty". And her "Stepping Out" is very playful with figures placed about the circular patterning. Also, "Under the Big Top" shows her ability to illustrate a playful environment.

ELIZABETH SCHMID of Albuquerque, New Mexico has a delightful sense of curvilinear orchestration in her egg tempera piece entitled "Vase Overflowing" which is highly decorative and fully developed.

ROD SEELEY of Oak Park, California has some interesting works using digital fractal, mixed technique on metal. His "Imagine It #4" shows a rich textural and gloss effect in bright yellow-green, red and violet. And in terms of intense color, "Star Reflections" is vibrant and moving.

BRUCE SHORES of Greensboro, North Carolina captures the landscape with a rich painterly style as seen in his "Cotton Field" done in oil. "Neighborhood Street" shows this quality as well, with even more color tonality.

JOAN SOWADA of Gillette, Wyoming brings textile works to the show. Her delicate work "Brothers" is very well done with interesting textural qualities and patterns. Her work "Two" is another wonderful display of two children in a delightful landscape of rich patterns.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, China in his acrylic painting "Green Door" shows his keen sense of color. In the same composition he shows a different color interaction called "Pink Door". On a different note, his "Red Abstract" in watercolor, shows warm intensity in an organic arrangement. And too, another strong colorful work is his delightful acrylic "Spring Garden" with interesting shapes throughout.

GREG WALTER of Blair, Nebraska brings his landscapes to the show. His "Sun on Snow" depicts the radiant sun coming through the trees in an almost glowing fashion.

EVE WITHROW of Medford, Oregon uses strong coloration to capture various themes. Her "Dreams of Man" is an interesting interplay of geometric shapes with organic textures in a dynamic spatial context.

RICHARD WYNNE of Lake Elsinore, California has a colorful and textural work in mixed media entitled "Mind Blind__(Autism)" which shows a rather emotional expression.

Congratulations to all the selected artists. We hope you enjoy the show!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art