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16th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography & Print Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year’s exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and prints is unusual in the sense of the mixed media, but their basic two-dimensional form helps to make them work together for a show.
Following are some comments about those works that are not only original in character but are done with such excellent skill as to merit a special recognition.

BLAKE AHALT of Cataumet, Massachusetts combines a two- and three-dimensional quality, the latter in color and the modeling created in black and white media. The print in the top of the woman’s outfit connects with the pattern in the background in the work “Kaleidoscopic Ajumma”. However, the man in the graphite and charcoal "Kaleidoscopic Ajussi", is wearing solids contrasted with the multi-colored background. Both works are quite effective in every regard.

JIM BARRY of Pasadena, California has a wonderful, highly skilled technique in his silk paintings, especially developed in the piece “Half Dome”. The warm and cool and the many white lines create a intriguing environment.

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, BC, Canada is a master digital artist. His awesome skill and imagination are indeed refreshing and quite remarkable in this relative new media. His subject matter and message are wonderfully interpreted as seen in “Apostasy” which deserves contemplation. His other work “Confession” is so creative and somewhat humorous in light of such a serious subject. And “Parable” really makes one think with such a fantastic situation. “Heresy” is another strong topic and his imagination brings about wonderful thoughts about what is heretical here.

DOUGAL BICHAN of Toronto, ON, Canada is a brilliant photographer. Look closely at the high definition throughout. His work is as great as the well known photographer Ansel Adams who was able to get such clarity. “Cleared Tree Line, Drummond River, Highway 69”, “Rock Crushing Near Drummond River, Highway 69”, “Rock Face Near Wanup, Ontario”, “Rock Island Lake Highway 69” and “Shrine South of Shawanaga” are all astonishing!

MELISSA DINWOODIE of Vernon, BC, Canada shows a boldness while at the same time a fine sensitivity. Her work “Hand” with its simplicity of composition, shows a nice delicacy with the red giving it a sense of strength. And in her “Pink” portraiture, she more gestural brushwork works well with the fine smaller detailing. This is also true in her piece “Red”.

LUKE ENGLE of Petoskey, Michigan has some strong photographs of water and sunsets. Of particular note is the unusual color found in “Sturgeon Bay Silhouette”. The darker value and desaturated palette sets a special mood.

JOAN V. FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York always brings a strong set of works. Her acrylic painting “Gemini III” shows a richness of color and markings whereby just the right amount of which presents a significant presence of subject.

DAN HITTLEMAN of Melville, New York captures an outstanding shot in his photograph “Twosome”. Herein he depicts two older gentleman dressed similarly, on a bench before a body of water. The high tonal contrast and the hats, suspenders, glasses and shoes all make for a great pair.

ARTHUR JACOB of Cape Coral, Florida, perhaps influenced by his environment of the flowers and foliage of Florida, shows some rich works which he digitally manipulates to show a nice fluidity resembling the texture of paint. This is wonderfully developed in his works “Dahlinias” and “Ivy”.

JOSEPH KAGLE of The Woodlands, Texas shines again with his various talents in different media. His “Self-Portrait #3” in acrylic shows the many ways he is able to create visual effects, adding greatly to the strength of the work.

VALERIE BRIAN ANDERSON MURPHY of Abington, Pennsylvania creates a very rich textural work in her acrylic painting “Green Lady”. The many patterns and images are delightful and impressive.

NORIKO OKI of Tokyo, Japan has a very nice message in her “Love and Appreciation” series, the number 01 piece is quite strong with the multi-colored heart shape held by the gentle lady. Also the high value contrast creates a strong effect. And her number 03 captures a sweetness and gentleness. The subtle amorphous shaping of a heart behind the girl helps to set the mood.

SMITH OLAOLUWA of Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria is an excellent oil painter. The work “Durban Rider 2” in its rich color, shows an energy and vitality, especially developed in the perspective of the camel’s head. His painting “Lagos Traffic” is quite revealing in terms of showing the congestion. And his “Market Transaction” is a wonderful genre work, even down to the rusty metal roof.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York captures newer and newer insight in her patterns she finds from above. The colors in “Old Town Center” are quite nice in their saturation. And the variety found in “Sony Center” is compelling to view.

Thanks to all you great artists!!! Happy New Year!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art