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2015 Exposition of Small-Sized Artwork WWW International

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The 2015 Exposition of Small-Sized Artwork WWW International proved to be quite varied even with the small size of the actual show. Nevertheless there are some wonderful artworks that qualified in the selection process. There are artists from Mount Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and from various U. S. states. Following are comments recognizing some special works.

KRIKOR AVESSIAN of Beirut, Mount Lebanon has some very intriguing, original works using mixed media. "Bird View Landscape" shows a strategic molding of a kind of paper with earth tones to an amazing piece. His "Fingerprint 1" is fresh using ink and acrylic on Plexiglas which gives it a fantastic quality. Also, his work "The Homeless" dramatically portrays a humped back with spine and a struggling face.

ABDULLAH AYDIN BAYKARA of Ankara, Turkey has a rich sense manipulating oil in an organic sensibility. His work "White Horse" is nicely worked with a strong sense of spontaneity. His intriguing and highly textured "Old Houses" shows a master at work.

DINA BERMAN of Jerusalem, Israel creates in a most unusual manner in that her medium in this show is carved matchsticks. Her "Battleship" is quite small but brilliantly and meticulously created in fine detail. Her very small "Rocking Chair" is another amazing accomplishment.

CATHERINE BLYTH of Ft. Wayne, Indiana is a master with textural effects. Her "Lost In Between" shows the special development in warm and cool areas. The small spots of color add greatly to the painting. She gives her website at

WILLIAM FRANCIS BRENNAN of Berlin, Germany presents his special aesthetic and conceptual expertise as seen in the expressive work "Slaughter on Wallstreet".

HARRIET FeBLAND of New York, New York has some striking wall-relief constructions. Her "Little Guy" plays out the curvilinear and rectilinear marriage basically in blue and white with reddish accents. The actual depth gives it a strong presence. Her "A Coat of Many Colors", in abstract terms, perhaps has spiritual references. The three-dimensional aspect makes it visually stimulating indeed.

CAROL LEE HILGEMANN of Spearfish, South Dakota masters her assemblages with an eye of the professional artist. Her "Line By Line" shows the multi-images and texts all rolled up and lined up. Another special work is her "Vintage Man" with the fine construction of related parts which adds to the dialogue. And too, her "Womanly" assemblage in its fine symmetry, is rather beautiful.

ANN ISOLDE of Santa Monica, California in her work "Rebirth" shows the wonderful overall symmetry of an abundance of imagery that is thoughtfully revealing. Her "Taking Flight" also from The Headband Series, is uplifting in concept and technique. "Twin Separation ritual" is rather curious but aspects help to visually enhance the meaning.

JOE KAGLE of Kingwood, Texas has mastered a special signature style. His acrylic and photo process with collage technique has proven to be quite effective. Perhaps his work "185. The Road Taken #324" stands out nicely with its near symmetrical structure.

WADEANE KUNZ of Hanover, New Hampshire has a interesting sense of collage as seen in her "11 Pears" whereby the gently developed pears are staged with assorted rectilinear collaged parts. The soft and hard play well together.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska has a keen sense of combining delicate textural parts in a light environ as seen in his piece "Just 'Cause It's Horizontal Doesn't Mean…" The mystery left in the title is intriguing. Another fine work is his "Small Collage" about 4.5" square. The delicacy and placement of parts is admirable.

AURORA POPE of Brunswick, Georgia presents a mixed media handmade book showing the large and small contrast, the light and dark contrast and a concept that makes one ponder. Her "Birds I Have Eaten: Ingredients" is a fine piece.

TONY RIO of Normal, Illinois works with oil on plaster. The work "Time Will Tell" shows a rather cool palette with light pink parts in a nicely conceived arrangement. The textural effect is rather nice in all areas.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, NY shows her expertise with the print. One rather rare view is the work "Dubai Roads" showing the industrial with nature. The work "Pentagon" with the two color rendition is made with a fine play of line. Her "Solar Panel Houses" speaks well about energy in a strong graphic description.

PAULINA WONG of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a series of miniatures, one of which stands out with a central area of red that moves between a white and dark color amidst the field of ochre. The simplicity and connectedness of "Miniature V" works well.

ANNETTE ZALANOWSKI of Altoona, Pennsylvania has a special delicate signature style working in mixed media as seen in her "Swan Lake". Her bright colors and delicate attention to detail is perfect.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Emeritus Professor of Art & Art History