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11th Annual Realism Online International Art Exhibition

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The “11th Annual Realism Online International Art Exhibition” showcases thirty-five artists this year from various parts of the world, including Matti Allison from Chicago; Glenn Howard Carter from Jacksonville, Oregon; Ione Citrin from Los Angeles, California; Dani from Ramona, California; Ernie L. Fournet from New Iberia, Louisiana; Anthony Galati from Ledgewood, New Jersey; H. A. Gallucio from McLean, Virginia; Denis Hagen from Wheaton, Illinois; Annette Adrian Hanna from Boonton, New Jersey; Don Harvie from Stockton, California; Sigridur Hjaltadottir from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota; Martin Isler from Wilton, Connecticut; Linda Gibson Jensen from Savannah, Georgia; Kevin Joyce from Ajax, Ontario, Canada; Joe Kagle from Kingwood, Texas; Jeffrey Kimbler from Elk Grove, California; Patsy Lindamood, Gainesville, Florida; Laurin McCracken from Fort Worth, Texas; Bruce McNabb from Franklin, Wisconsin; Elizabeth D. Olson from Tukeoila, Washington; Marcus Pierno from New York, New York; Sherry Zachwieja Powell from Barboursville, West Virginia; Youssef Rami from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Nelson Reinhardt from Cincinnati, Ohio; Jeffrey Rezende from Columbus, Ohio; Sharon Sprung from Brooklyn, New York; Thomas Teamoh from Chongqing City PR, China; Mara Elisa Nocon Ticzon from Madaluyong City, Philippines; Andrew Toth from Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Lance Turner from Morganton, North Carolina; Don Ulrich from Ventura, California; Gregory Walter from Blair, Nebraska; Rosalind Faiman Weinberg from Urbana, Illinois; Nicole Willbur from Chicago, Illinois; and Phillip A. Windell from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Following are comments about some of the artists’ works that impact the show because of the concept created as well as the outstanding handling of media.

GLENN HOWARD CARTER creates two horses, a stallion and a colt in various sizes running with a smaller border collie. The expertise of the carving of these animals in a running stance is truly a successful accomplishment in his sculpture entitled “Stallion / Colt & Border Collie”.

DANI’s bronze figurative sculptures are delicate and refined. “Chantilly Serenade” shows a seated woman playing a musical instrument. “Elegance” shows a woman in a gown with a confident facial expression with her hand holding a fan. And “Poems” shows a woman dressed in white, reading a small book.

ERNIE L. FOURNET has a great gift of realistically portraying soldiers and police with all the nuances of detailing. “Hang” and “’J’ Estorge” are outstanding examples of his acrylic painting.

LINDA GIBSON JENSEN has a very interesting approach to portraiture in that she hand-colors gelatin silver prints together with mixed media to elaborate upon her characters. All of her works: “Christine”, “Evan”, “Patrick”, “Raja” and “Theone” are specially recognized for their visual strength in color and textural treatments.

ANTHONY GALATI has a masterful technique with pencil drawing as indicated in the photo-realistic portrayal of a squirrel drinking from a water fountain. The exactitude he captured with the water and texture of the squirrel's hair is remarkable indeed.

KEVIN JOYCE is quite adept with graphite drawing. Of particular note is the rich detailing in his “Aging Gracefully” and “Spare Parts”.

JOE KAGLE has a good sense of color in his abstract works as seen in previous exhibitions. In this show he takes on a bit of humor and surrealism in his pen and ink with collage. “Images from Reality #33: Thought at a Baseball Game” and especially “Images from Reality #34: Self-Portrait” are quite wonderful.

JEFFREY KIMBLER masters charcoal and black pastel in descriptive accuracy as seen in “A Corner of the Studio 1” and “Preparations”.

LAURIN McCRACKEN is one of the finest watercolorists we have seen. With admirable finesse, he brilliantly captures the fine aspects in all his paintings. “Boots and Rawhide Rope”, “Crystal & Silver with Magnolia”, “Magnolia with Silver & Crystal”, “Rooftops of New York” and “Silver & Crystal with Grappa and Magnolia” are super realistic and a marvel to behold!

BRUCE McNABB graces the show with his pastel work especially in his work “Hunters”. His sense of space and scale are well executed in all his works in the show.

MARCUS PIERNO is able to use a rich painterly quality in his oil paintings. “Nook” is quite tasteful with the brushwork. “Your Farewell Came Too Late” while more refined, shows an interesting contrast in size and space.

SHERRY ZACHWIEJA POWELL is a true colorist and compositionally she creates a dynamic drama. In her piece “A Change in Circumstance” she uses the warm and intense with the hand and face with the cool and dull in the lower format. “Casual Engagements” is quite rich poly chromatically. And “Struggling with Restraint” shows a strong facial expression emphasized with the bright warm color surrounded by the cooler parts.

JEFFREY REZENDE paints with a sense of pointillism, or as Seurat would prefer the term divisionism. His “Feels Like Another Planet” is rich with the textural effects of the earth toned trees cape. “Origin” shows an interesting perspective which leads the viewer into the space. And “Origin 2” is nicely composed with the rhythm of the shadows in the foreground and the sunlight reflecting in the middle ground and the darker trees at the top.

SHARON SPRUNG paints oil on panel in her work “The Art Student” with the woman in a kind of contemplative state with the easel and chair holding the palette and container of brushes. The overall play of contrasts in the elements is quite successful.

THOMAS TEAMOH makes a social commentary in his photograph entitled “Community Nightmare” which shows the polluting smoke going up into the atmosphere. “Taxpayers Shade Tree” is also richly dramatic. The play of scale is quite effective.

MARA ELISA NOCON TICZON takes graphite to develop her piece “The Local Meat Shop”. It is interesting to see imagery from the Philippines.

LANCE TURNER has some rather large works. In his acrylic on wood and canvas piece “Bunny over Warble Head Grid” he shows a contemporary youthful view. And “Mary (Fingerprints)” is quite remarkable in terms of his technique. Also his RC prints on paper work “Rebecca (Photomontage)” is wonderful in the sense of composing the organic imagery of a child within the obvious grid construction.

ROSALIND FAIMAN WEINBERG is able to create a snow scene amidst buildings with two walking figures with umbrellas in her watercolor "Snow in Jerusalem". The gentleness of the snowflakes nice contrasts with the strong building structures framing the scene.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art