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13th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year’s “13th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibition” is a showcase of highly selected works by some very talented artists. The gallery is thankful for the artists exhibiting in this show for their various approaches to the realistic style. Following are some comments about some of the pieces.

TAKANORI AIBA of Tokyo, Japan has developed a mixed media sculptural approach that captures the imagination in fantastic visual terms. “Bonsai – B” shows the magnificence of the artist’s developed style with its flowing organic tree form engaged with the architectural aspects of a building and stairways throughout. Another significant piece is the encased “Hawaiian Pineapple Resort” nicely arranged with a sculpted pineapple on the top of the structure. On a more humorous note, "Hôtel de Michelin" is playful and a delight in the use of scale. And taking the use of stairs combined with a lighthouse form on top Aiba develops two awesome works entitled “The Lighthouse – A” and “The Lighthouse – B” with Chinese Suiseki and mixed media. In the same vein of stupendous, “Ice Cream Packages Tower” is enchanting and richly embellished with the multiple walkways. And “The Rock Island” is almost breath taking in the many wonderful parts of the construction.

ERIKA BAEZ of Nauticoke, Pennsylvania has some exquisite works that are quite realistically rendered. In charcoal, she shows her expertise in the work “Black & White Photographer” with fine accuracy. And with a sense of humor she develops an interesting idea in “Captured” with the honey bear image being lifted out of the picture by a honeybee, expertly done in pastel. And with a strong message, she draws “Tooth Decay” with the skull and chocolate kisses in the jar together with dental instruments. It is truly amazing to see such attention to detail with the use of pastel as seen in her piece “The Gift”.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California is a developed and prolific artist who is skilled in many media. Her bronze sculpture “The Kiss” is very strong and delicate showing the bird kissing the girl with the flowing hair.

JULIAN FARRAR of Stockholm, Sweden has an interesting series with a play on the words ‘me’ and ‘meat’. In the work “More Than Meat #5” the wrinkled, worn hands are in the forefront as if pleading or offering. The use of pencil and charcoal are done quite well and the rather low key of her works adds to the dramatic effect.

PAT GOLTZ of Tucson, Arizona uses the terragen computer program to come up with richly enhanced visual qualities for the landscapes in the show. Of particular note is the work “Beach” wherein the atmosphere seems to glow. The piece “Mirror Lake” is quite effective visually and the flying bird helps to convey the sense of space.

ELIZABETH GRAEHLING (aka Graehound) is able to demonstrate some very expressive works. Her colored pencil and ink piece “All the Rage” is mysterious in the sense of wondering what is there to rage about. And “Autodestruct” is quite impressive indeed even though the message is rather negative.

CHRIS HEISINGER of Evanston, Illinois shows a high skill in the use of glass in the form of a mosaic window in the work “Beauty in Flight”. The idea of the movement of the swans contrasted with the use of the hard media is interesting together. The attention to detail is to be appreciated.

RONALD HOUCK of Lodi, California is certainly a fine realist oil painter as seen in the magnificent work “Afterwards at McMenamins”. The ordinary genre of a woman seated in a café is done so well that it is catapulted into something uplifting and thought-provoking. Also the refined areas of his painting “Beyond the Sea” are lyrical and dream-like with the eyes looking off to the side. Capturing a mood is delightfully found in his work “Piano Man” with the amorphous qualities of the smoke-filled room, the piano man and the singer, all make for a strong painting.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas has an artistic sense that is genius. His work shows a highly developed aesthetic that is always engaging and even arresting. “King’s Crossing Car Care #2 – 2011” shows his use of pen and ink and collage in a wonderful connectedness. His grid piece “Art Car Museum Opening – Characters Welcome #1” is a delight to view with the great character depictions. And “St. Luke’s BJC (Bone and Joint Clinic) #2 – 2011” is wonderfully orchestrated with the different patterns with the ink drawing. Also, “St. Luke’s BJC (Bone and Joint Clinic) #7 – 2011” works in much the same way with the delicate ink drawing amidst the collage work.

PATRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Reno, Nevada has captured the land in her watercolor-like acrylic painting entitled “Livermore Grape Vines”. The movement upward into the painting with the strong details and then the horizontal movement of the distant softly painted landforms both work well together.

DR. PETER MAK of Tai Po, NT, Hong Kong captures a strong message in his highly developed oil on canvas called “America’s Gift to the Rest of the World”. The chain around the shoe and the hinge on the hamburger buns are an intriguing touch. And also, the work “(The) Great American Iron Horse” is a great oil painting in terms of the exacting detailing but also in terms of the homage given to the motorcycle.

GODFREY MAWEMA of Los Angeles, California honors the show with his striking work entitled “Inevitable” which shows the richly patterned clothing of a man with the movement repeated in the surrounding areas. His “Obedient Works” done in oil is another strong commentary that is quite exciting and thought provoking indeed. Furthermore, his work “Penny-Savers” is truly awesome in its depiction.

MIKE MAZER of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is one of the finest watercolorists up there with such painters as Winslow Homer and others. His sense of atmosphere and clarity of imagery is highly accomplished as seen in his watercolor “Early Morning Light” wherein he captures the wonderful glow of the morning. With the attention to the many details of “Kaylie” he contrasts the strong rectilinear shapes on the curvilinear water reflections. The smoothness of the water is captured well as it repeats the horizontal flow of the boat and dock in “Red, White and Blue Reflections”. And in “Tall Ship at Mass Maritime” he gives a sense of the human touch with the people lined up gazing upon the large ship.

LYNN MILLER of Lake Zurich, Illinois achieves a very fine landscape in her pastel work entitled “Sleeping Bear Dunes”. Herein she shows the flowing land with bending trees and their shadows with two people strolling along. The natural earth tones add to the calming mood.

TONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is a true realist and is able to paint fine details with acrylic paint. His work “Lakewood Cyclery” is a good example of his expertise. The fine lines of the spokes of the wheels and the pealing of the painted siding of the building show his masterful skill. Another fine work is “The Frank F” with the rust on the boat and the detailing of the water. And too, “Point Fermin Lighthouse 2” is very fine indeed in terms of the subtle gradation in the sky to the fine linear work of the palm trees. Also, “Maritime Museum” further shows his fine painting and keen observation of his environment.

PHILLIP A. WINDELL (aka paw fotograf) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has a mastery of digital photography, able to not only discover interesting and effective imagery but to do it with a keen eye for composition and story telling. In his photograph “Plowing” he shows a setting that seems historical but yet typical of some contemporary farming communities.

All in all, Upstream People Gallery is proud of all the artists who were selected for this realist show. We are delighted to see such an array of subject matter from various parts of the world.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art