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15th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year's show of "Faces" is a wonderful one. Please take some time to cherish all the works selected for this years exhibition. Here are some comments:

CHARLES ANDERSON of New Orleans, LA is an accomplished drawer and has captured an exquisite face in his graphite drawing "Our Youth".

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has graced our gallery with his prolific and genius use of his digital expertise. His two works, "History Lesson" and "New Muses" are amazing.

CHARLES CRAIN of Scottsdale, Arizona has a keen eye as a photographer. His "Freckles" shows a close up view of quite a beauty. His "Indian Market 3" captures another wonderful character with outfit and all. And "LuLu Moon" is quite eye catching in such an expression.

ERIN GILSON of Cincinnati, Ohio uses special color effects to encase the close-up of a young man in her well painted "Gazing into the Future".

SUSAN FOX HIRSCHMANN of Annandale, Virginia is a wonderful and expressive clay artist as seen in her work "Friends Together" Roman Sconce.

PAUL HITCHEN of Somerset, Massachusetts has a spatial work that is quite energetic. "Ka" shows a wonderful play of scale in space with strong tonal and color contrast.

JOSEPH L, KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas continues his engaging work with a colorful understanding of the human condition. His "139. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #11. Redefine Possible" is a compilation of several human interaction situations. And his "Waiting Room Series" further attests to his magnificent talent as seen in "DR124. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #29", "DR128. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #33", "DR130. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #35", "DR136. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #41", "DR139. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #45", "DR141. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #47" and "DR142. The Waiting Room, I.See.U., #48".

KAISU KOSKI of Utrecht, The Netherlands captures our attention with her unusual depictions. "Fidelity" is quite thought-provoking in its arrangement. "Puppeteer" is also quite profound. And "Standardized Body" is a sight to behold.

TAMMY KUSHNIR of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has one of the sweetest and refreshing pictures in her photograph of "William".

VICTORIA LENNE of Green Cove Springs, Florida gives the show an unusual set of images. One of the special ones is "Pieces I" with the collaged photo and child's wooden chair as a most special combination.

JAN OSTERN LONG of Drewsey, Oregon takes the material of bronze and shows a face tilted for her sculpture piece "Listening". The thought of the strength of bronze positioned in a delicate hearing position is a good one to consider.

DR. PETER MAK of Hastings, Minnesota uses watercolor painted images with digital work. His print "A Man and His Dog in Landscape" is quite engaging and colorful. His usual print "Flying on the Red Eye Special" shows a strong view of a tired flyer. And his digital documentation of his installation "Yoda on the Rocks" is fascinating and quite accomplished.

DAVID McLEOD of Omaha, Nebraska captures a fantastic expression in his graphite drawing "Alter Self". The impressive image is unforgettable.

ANDREW ORTIZ of Arlington, Texas has a skillful approach to his photography. "Sleep" is dramatic in the positioning of the body and the textural treatment.

ANTHONY PODUE of Anaheim Hills, California is a masterful talent. "Come On, Say Cheese" is uplifting and full of life and energy. His "Indian Joe" is another strong masterpiece. And "Jesus" is a very strong depiction of Christ with thorns. Also, "Little Girl in Face Paint" is a delight. And "Outlaw Josey Wales" is another fine work. Bravo to Anthony Podue.

JERRY T. PRICE of Colorado Springs, Colorado takes an iconic image and adds a lot to the message in his work "I Have a Dream, An Experiment in Color". And his other print "Seek His Face" uses text overlaying Jesus face to make a profound, important statement.

MARVIN ANDREW PUCKETT of Morehead, Kentucky has a delightful way of expression in ceramic and mixed media. Of particular note is his "Slime Time" with the short person covered in lime green.

PETRA RAU of Kronberg, Germany masterfully uses pen and watercolor to show several great artworks. "Julian", Karl Heinz", "Martina", "Mira" and "Stefan" are all absolutely brilliant.

SARAH STOLAR of Livermore, California has a contemporary understanding of oil paint. Her rendition of marriage is quite nice with the woman and man facing each other in "Marriage Portrait".

SWARTE (aka Manuela Vulpescu & Corina Olaru) of Bucharest, Romania has a very special talent as seen in their mixed media pieces. "Dan's Power and Respect", "Inuit Resources", The Mosuo Family" and "The Round Universe of Kayapo" all have a special attractiveness that is undeniably strong and engaging.

RON TESTA of Wilmette, Illinois shows an inkjet print "Ancestor" that seems to have holes in it giving it a mysterious appeal. The textural treatment herein is quite effective. And "Kabuki Actor" is very dramatic with the tenebristic qualities in red. Also, "Vinny" shows an interesting treatment as well.

RAISSA TREND of San Francisco, California has a strong contemporary understanding of painting. Her wonderful color choices in "LAX" is arresting.

ROSALIND FAIMAN WEINBERG of Urbana, Illinois is a master watercolorist as seen in her delicate work in "Reflection". And the special love captured in her "One Life" is tremendous and heartfelt.

JOHN YOUNG of Sayville, New York is a genius sculptor as seen in all his work in the show. "Bear Bryant", "Jack Sparrow", "Lawrence Taylor" and "Marley" all show his tremendous talent.

Thanks to all who entered with such awesome artwork depicting faces of all kinds.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art