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18th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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It seems that portraiture in various forms, continues to be a viable way to express the many aspects of the human experience. Herein are a number of different styles and media that expose the characteristic faces of many.

SUBHA CHAUDHURI of Seattle, Washington has a courageous sensibility utilizing a painterly quality in such works as "Finding Home" and "Finding Peace" wherein the textural strength demands attention.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California is a prolific artist with a fine touch with the media and a fine sense of visual communication. "Laila" captures the delicate aspect of felinity and the work "Masquerade" touches upon the mysterious in a rather classic symmetry.

SHEA CRUMBLEY of Cumberland, Maryland has a high level of mastery especially with linocut prints. Her "Love Lasts" not only makes a profound statement but is created with exquisite detail.

NICOLA CULICAN of Hong Kong, Hong Kong uses acrylic to delineate the brilliant sectioning of the facial structures. "Nepal Lady (Pokhara)" is quite strong too in the use of rich primary and secondary colors. Also, "Nepal lady 2 (Pokhara)" shows the same dynamic qualities. "Nepal Lady 3 (Pokhara)" too shows the richness of the facial characteristics. Each of her works have that something special seen too in "Indonesian Lady *Java)" with such interesting hair. Another outstanding work is her "Indonesian Lady with Glasses (Java)".

ANDREW GALINDO of Kew Gardens, New York uses powered graphite, pure paint pigment and pencil to enrich his portraiture. Perhaps the one that draws the viewer in the most is "Looking Inside Out" wherein one is deep in contemplation.

VICTORIA GORO-RAPOPORT of Kearney, NE is certainly one of the finest master artists known in this area. Her meticulous technical skills together with her ingenious visual creative statements are outstandingly brilliant. Her works: "A Walk In the Night Garden", "Cultivated Mind", "Surprise" and "The Other Side of Invention" all give a sense of the fantastic. Her work is exceptional indeed!

JOSEPH KAGLE of Kingwood, Texas has a definite signature style working with pen and ink together with the collage technique. All of his works in the faces show are quite illustrative as seen in "20. Watercrest (Don) - Making it Right with Wrong - I. See. U. 2016", "25. Making it Right with Wrong #12 - 2016", "26. Watercrest - Making it Right with Wrong #11 - 2016", "26. Watercrest - Making it Right with Wrong #11 - 2016", "27. Watercrest - Making it Right with Wrong #1 - 2016", "28. Watercrest - Making it Right with Wrong #18 - 2016" and "29. Watercrest - Making it Right with Wrong #17 - 2016".

MARSHA KARAGHEUSIAN of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky shows some interesting ceramic earthenware/clay works, showing a figuration that connects with the land of which it is made as seen in "New Beginnings". Her "Seaside Memories" shows the contented woman in the state of fond memories by the sea.

DENISE KLITSIE of Gardnerville, Nevada uses various drawing media and shows how well they translate into Glicee prints. "Book of John Gospel Writer" is rich in showing the different media effects in a strong tonal contrast. "St. Anselm" is also a fine example of creating the individual characteristics of the saint by using the various media and techniques. Her work "St. Benedict" seems more controlled, facing directly forward.

GABRIELE LAVOIE of Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada has a wonderful sense of fantasy as seen in "Bring Up Your Vision" with a rather glowing atmosphere. Her "Child of Light" shows a gentle, innocent young child with green eyes and a little green bird on hand. And the reassurance felt in "Right Beside You" brings together the young and old with the shining candle at hand. The work "Sacred Child" is gentle and uplifting indeed. Lastly, the smiling girl in blue and the flowing blue water together with the spots of light or stars is nicely engaging.

DEBI PICKLER of St. Charles, Missouri has a work that is simply outstanding and created exceptionally in pencil. The light and dark framing, the oval composition, the textured facial descriptions are brilliant and shows her talent very well. It is truly remarkable and memorable.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York has a painterly style reminiscent of Alex Katz but unique in that she has her own personal subjects. "Look Who's Coming For Dinner" is nicely formed in a triad of two women hugged by Jesus. The background works well too in that the diagonal leaves move toward the group. Her "Pierre & TinTin" is gentle and suggests a comforting mood with the young boy with his teddy. The desaturated color palette helps with this calming. The work "Young at Heart" is nicely painted and the red convertible is a great enhancement of the theme.

Thanks to all the fifteen highly selected artists for presenting their strong unique works for a strong international show!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor Emeritus of Art & Art History