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10th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Again this year we gather together to share the talents of many faithful and gifted artists from many parts, including the U.S. and Canada as well as Israel, the Ukraine, Poland and Serbia, showcasing this “10th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition”. Herein are comments about those works that show a depth of understanding of scripture and some works that exhibit a heartfelt expression of love and faithfulness.

CORINA ALVAREZDELUGO of Branford, Connecticut uses the computer to develop a descriptive illustration of the “Book of Hours Leaves of Time”. The colors of blue, yellow-gold and red together with the fine imagery make for a type of manuscript quality.

CHRYSTAL BATES of Boynton, Florida in a bright blue coloration gives a fine interpretation of that time when Jesus wrote in the sand as accusers were ready to stone the sinner. Her acrylic “Written Artfully - St. John 8:6,7” is also significant in that this shows a time when Jesus created something.

ANN MARIE CAMPBELL of Folsom, California uses oil on linen to give a rather somber presentation of “Magdalene” yet also giving her the halo around the head indicating the love of God given her for her complete conversion and ardent apostleship.

JUDY KAY COWAN of Vero Beach, Florida paints the heart shape held gently in the palm of two folded hands, on a black and white photograph. “In His Hands” is important in that God does hold us in the palm of His Hands. The shape of the two hands nicely repeats the shape of the heart.

KOFI DOFOUR of Alexandria, Virginia has a dynamic work in oil that demands respect and attention in terms of the brilliant polychromatic interpretation of scripture. “Translation #2 Matthew 7” is a wonderful abstraction of the scriptural passage.

TIMOTHY DOSHIER of New York, New York entitles a mixed media work with a large heart with the crucifix on top indicating what Christ has given his children, loving us to death, giving all for the forgiveness of sins of “Humanity”

ROBERT P. EUSTACE of Englishtown, New Jersey has a wonderful approach to mixed media construction, especially in the organic-shaped forms. “Image: Seed of Divine Life” in rich textural impact gives focus to the Blessed Mother and the Child Jesus amidst angels.

STEPHANIE FUNK of Marietta, Georgia gives a very nice drawing entitled “Angel” wherein a lightly drawn angel flows above, in contrast to the more developed chiaroscuro of a young lady who seems to be meditating.

DOROTHY GAGER of Orinda, California is a fine realist sculptor. Her bronze work “Boys Feeding Birds (at St. Peter’s Square, Rome)” captures the childlike quality asked of us in the Word “...unless you become as a little child...”.

HADZI DUSAN GLUSAC of Belgrade, Serbia graces the show with some wonderful icons. “Madonna Odigitria” is a fine representation of the mother and child theme using gold leaf and mixed media together with the familiar tempera on wood.

DORA HAGGE of Hastings, Nebraska has a magnificent watercolor in a strong compositional triangular structure. “Communion With Christ” shows the scripture in which Christ is found as the Word of God and the bread and wine when consecrated by the Catholic priest, contains the true body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. View more at

JENNIFER MYERS KIRTON of Mount Dora, Florida presents her stippling technique in detail showing “From God’s Hands” showing that life comes from God. And her work “Renewal” showing the beauty that is possible when there is a metanoia.

BARBARA J. LINDSEY of Jefferson City, Missouri has some fine watercolor works in the show. Especially strong is her work “Universal Embrace” in which the Madonna and Child are lightly toned with the background sky a dark blue with stars.

JOZEF MARCZYNSKI of Simferopol, Ukraine is an outstanding sculptor. Several of his mixed media sculptures are specially noted. “Alighting” is graceful with the curvature; “Glory to God” is strong in the rich patina; “Noah” with the facial expression and the rough ark shape; and “The Bethlehem” with the twists and turns as well as the varied coloration.

EDIE SCHUTTE MARTIN of Eagle, Idaho is prolific with the stained glass media. Her work “Secure” richly presents a child in the arms of Jesus, warmly colored, this stands out amidst the blue stormy waves.

MARY-ANNE MURPHY of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada is a master artist. Her use of charcoal is flawless in all her works in this show. “In Father’s Hand” wonderfully shows the small feet of a child in the hands of God. “Our Father” shows the dedicated hands praying the rosary fervently. “Patience” details the waiting hands behind a man’s back. And “The Prayer” is wonderful in that it shows feet apparently in a kneeling position. What wonderful depictions in outstanding chiaroscuro.

DANIELLE OLIVYEA of Temecula, California shows in oil a work of evangelism entitled “The Missionary” showing a dedicated woman amidst God’s children in the missionary field. The light above them is significant.

RAYMOND G. OTIS of Corona del Mar, California shows some very fine paintings. Of particular mention is “The Vine - John 15:5 (I am the Vine...Abide in Me)”. This as a mural of 20 canvases worked on by several of members his congregation, is a tribute to faith and talent.

ERIC COGU ROBINSON of Pella, Iowa has a wonderfully developed pattern piece called “Jeremiah 10:9” in which is portrayed many significant symbols with a color and tonal change overall. This is held together by a centralized face in complementary violet.

NIRA SCHWARTZ of Haifa, Israel has an interesting approach to persons of the Bible. In bold red and salmon with light green accents she presents “Ruth” in a somewhat cubistic manner, enhanced with black outlining.

SIROD of Santa Monica, California has some outstanding oil paintings in the show that are truly excellent. “Dancing in The Light” is filled with wonder depicting a panoramic vision of figures as if dancing in an illuminated and beautiful place. “Seekers of The Light” is another finely detailed arched panel painting of wonderment with several figures and various images. These are truly awesome works!

SCOTT SMITH of Chicago, Illinois has some fine art photographic works. “Faithfully Prepared” is an interesting title for the preparation of the gifts for Holy Mass at the altar. Compositionally adept is this one with the large dark on the left and the large light on the right with a red and green in the center.

DEBORAH J. WEINSTEIN of Loxahatchee, Florida has several striking silver gelatin prints. The dark and light ratio works well in the expressive piece “Faith”. And in “Spirit” the movement adds greatly to the message of the movement of the Spirit.

IGNATIUS WIDIAPRADJA of Des Moines, Iowa masterfully brings in images to depict the scene in his digital print “Annunciation” with the additions of light teals and yellow orange for emphasis. Another notable piece is “Flight Into Egypt” with a similar color play to dramatize the scene. Also well developed are his other two works in the show: “Three Wise Men with King Herod” and “Three Wise Men with The Star”.

JERRY WRAY of Shreveport, Louisiana handles watercolor incorporating various symbols in his complementary violet and yellow “The Scroll”. The asymmetrically symmetrical interplay and tonal contrasts work quite well.

NAMI YANG of Whittier, California imaginatively creates some interesting concepts in oil. “Covenant” shows an interconnectedness between the top and the bottom with semiabstract features and symbols.

Thanks to all the wonderful and dedicated artists whose works will indeed inspire and lift many hearts.


Larry Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art