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13th Annual Judeo-Christian Online International Art Exhibition

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As we enter into this year’s special season of Easter and Passover, the gallery is very happy indeed to have planned this exhibition for this time. “Many are called but few are chosen" can be considered when thinking of those who have been selected for this international yet smaller showcase; nevertheless the works speak well of faith and creativity. Following are some comments about some of the works that deserve recognition because of the impact felt in expressing the theme of the show.

DOROTHY BARR-ROBINSON of Utica, Ohio, in the form of a graph, presents a wonderful written account corresponding with a visual interpretation of Bible verses which altogether illustrates the Law, Sacrifice and Prophets with The Cradle, The Cross and The Crown. The title “God’s Gifts & Promise - The Door of Life” speaks well for this work.

DOUGLAS CAMPBELL of Portland, Oregon has a bold, graphic manner of presenting his works as seen in the linocut print entitled “Baptism”. In another rather startling work he shows an event around Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein he depicts “Lot and His Daughters”.

DRAGAN DUZEVIC of Solin, Croatia creates with plaster to sculpt his artwork “John Paul II, The Pope of Love, Hope and Dialogue”. The likeness is spot-on and the three different views seem to capture the three main characteristics of the former, revered Pope.

MARTHA FAILINGER of Morgantown, West Virginia has a rather colorful palette in reference to her oil paintings. “Gabriel at the Evening Sacrifice” is a simple abstraction that has direct appeal. Her series “Out of the Pit 3” and “Out of the Pit 4” are interesting interpretations of a kind of rising above.

RISA GETTLER of Murrieta, California has a well developed mixed media piece in her combined image and calligraphy entitled “Noah’s Ark, A Person Journey”. The umber brown color adds to the sense of the old and the many animals and dove with olive branch are all well done.

THOMAS GRAEF of Estell Manor, New Jersey in his photo-illustration/construction “A Gift of True Repentance” is strong indeed with the scourged Christ on the cross and the repentant soul kneeling at the foot of the cross. Also effective is the high angle at the top of the cross looking down.

MARY JANE OLIVER HUBBARD of Amherst, Virginia has an exquisite sense of flair in her swirling curvilinear movements. “Azariah’s Cloak” is delightful and rather lyrical. The tonal and color differentiation helps to make this work visually dynamic.

LINDA LA ROSE of Levittown, Pennsylvania has a collection of images and objects that are significant enough to call this photograph “Altar”. It is interesting to pan across the work to detect all the important pieces.

STEPHEN LISTER of Utica, Ohio has a fine sense of design in that ‘good design is usually simple’. His work “Gifts of the Sea (Harbor Seal looking out from his world to ours)” is simple indeed making the message overlaid very profound. His work “Mount Up With Wings - As Eagles (Bald Eagle with wings spread for glorious flight)” is quite uplifting. And also his “Wonders of the Deep (Sea Lion and Star Fish)” is another successful work.

KOSTAS LOUDOVIKOS of Volos, Greece is quite prolific in art production. His tempera work “Prophet King David” is visually rich and delicate. “Fair Tovit” is also nicely developed in tempera and warm coloration. “Prophet Jonah” with much more detail, is quite rich and detailed throughout. With more colors he created “Prophet Moses” which is also texturally rich. And with brighter colors he creates “Mercy” with a lot of movement. The work “Sun” shows many patterns in the warmer palette, incorporating coins in an unusual way.

EDIE SCHUTTE MARTIN of Eagle, Idaho has some very delicate stained and flashed glass with fired enamel. All four of the works in this show are beautiful indeed. “Angel of Blessing” is nicely simple with the rich patterning throughout the circular format. “Light to My Path” is quite colorful with the light held in the hand and the face with a special smile. Her “Madonna of the Stars Icon” is gentle yet strong with the dark outlining typical of stained glass works. And "Angel of Peace" is delightful with the angel holding a dove and all the delicate patterning. Herein the complementary colors add greatly as well.

LINDA McCRAY of Clancy, Montana shows a richly textured approach in her abstractions. “Come Out Lazarus!” is wonderful with the area of light and the manipulated fabric shapes. Her “Eyes Opened” shows the brilliance of the cool blue amidst the warm and duller outer areas.

MICHAEL MEINHOLD of Saint Louis, Missouri is able to create exquisite detailing in acrylic paint. His painting “Cross to Bear” is an intense interpretation of ‘carrying your cross’. The twisting of the fabric and the cross bent over, the scissors, the foot with the multi-toes on the foot and the money symbolism and other parts all add up for a very strong piece. It seems the more you look the more you see. Also his piece “Redemption” is well planned to successfully illustrate the message.

PENNY MURPHY of Kingwood, Texas has a unique approach to her artwork. For each painting, there are somewhat hidden, images of Christ. For this reason, each of her works are very special. “Cousins”, “Flying Low”, “Friendly Smile”, “Life Goes Round”, “Lindsay”, “More Than a Dozen”, “The Bathroom Mirror” and “The Cone” all find Christ everywhere and this is a truly great thing to show!

MARILYN HEISMAN RAMSDALE of Selkirk, New York has a wonderful and delightful acrylic painting in her piece “Dancing with Angels”. Another of the fine works is “Spirit of Moses” especially effective with the diagonal placement of the figure of Moses and the moving people in the foreground. And "Tabernacle of Moses” is rich in color and description.

DIANE ROBINSON of Utica, Ohio creates dramatic effects in several of her works. “At One With ... (Lone Elephant and an On-Coming Storm)” shows her ability of rendering realistically. The piece “Godspeed (Hand of God Delivering the Lear Jet Out of the Storm)” is very dynamic with the high contrast and the lightning with the city in the distance. And “The Guardian (Guardian Angel Watching Over the Soldier)” is a very important message to show.

IRENE ROGAN has two wonderful works: “Third Millennium Temple (virtual realization)” and “Sh ‘kinah” both dealing with architectural concerns and the Holy Temple. A Cad image is here developed from the translated, into contemporary measurements taken from Ezekial’s vision of a future temple in the Old Testament (EZ 40-47).

KAREN SCHMIDT of Anaheim, California works in bronze to create some very outstanding sculpture as seen in “Holy Family” which stands 1/4 and 1/2 life-size. Joseph holding the baby Jesus with Mary’s arms continuing the curve upward adds so much to the expression. “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel” speaks well about the tension and the push/pull of such a situation. And notably, “Madonna of Compassion” the overall form is smooth yet strongly formed. This more serene approach is seen in her “Mary & Elizabeth” formed in ceramic clay. The two women with child relying on one another is a great sentiment. And the piece after Rembrandt, is awesome in bronze as it is an unconditional loving position The Father takes. “Return of the Prodigal Son” will always resound.

STUART ROSS SNIDER of Tucson, Arizona shows remarkable talent in his use of wood, mica powder and resin in his sculptures. “The Battle of St. Michael the Archangel” is terrific - it is awesome. Also “Sacre Coeur” interpreted in this wood form and this brilliant blue is also quite outstanding. And “Walking on Water” is interesting in terms of the warm and cool colors and the abstract forms.

PAMELA SWEET of Pembinee, Wisconsin uses text to embellish her artwork. The drawing “Psalm 46:10” in charcoal is very handsome as a drawing on this toned paper and works quite effective without any text, although text does add a lot in her other works.

ELIZABETH von ISSER of Tucson, Arizona is able to use acrylic in such a way to model form as seen in her successful and bright work “Heaven Scent” which is not only visually attractive but the play of words in the title makes sense too.

LYNN WEHRMANN of Jacksonville, Florida gives this exhibition a collage piece. “Be Still” incorporates the words ‘I AM’ and ‘KNOW’ and the word ‘STILL” with the word still divided and off register in order to emphasize the point of being still.

So then, as we prepare for the Easter season and Passover, let us reflect on our blessings and continue to share the gifts and talents we have been given so generously and be thankful too for one another. Shalom! Peace be with you!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art