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15th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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May the joy of our faith shine on and on forever and may God bring all of us continual blessings!

Our 15th Judeo-Christian show is rather small but mighty indeed as several artists were "called' and selected for this year's exhibition. Following are some comments about some of the artwork:

JOSEPH CASALINO, JR., of Salt Lake City, Utah is an artistic welder. His "Menorah" series makes a strong statement especially seen in his "Menorah #1" wherein the strong metal parts curve gracefully upward toward the confident tops.

DOROTHY GAGER of Orinda, California provides a wonderfully descriptive acrylic painting telling about the compassionate ministry to the hopeful prisoners in "(Prison Ministry) Freedom".

JULIE RODRIGUEZ JONES of Sparks, Nevada is prolific in creating liturgical vestments. All of her stoles in this show are quite handsome, especially "Lighthouse Ministry Cotton Clergy Stole (Interfaith)" which shines in its simplicity and beautiful blue tones.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas continues his outstanding mixed media work and "'100. "Waiting for Godo'-2012"' marks one of his most interesting pieces. His understanding of the human condition readily apparent. This particular work is quite engaging, indeed!

GLEN LaMAR of Olympia, Washington is a master sculptor. His "Filled with Joy" is formed well with bold sequoia wood carved with an opening up at the top and coupled with the delicate stained glass within. Using cedar he forms "Knit Together in My Mother's Womb (from Psalm 139:13)". Herein the knitting within the wood form gives a nice, rather literal expression. The warm color and the dramatic inner workings provide a rather dramatic formation in his "Pure Heart (from Psalm 51:10)". And perhaps the rich use of acrylic and silver leaf makes "Strength From Above" visually strong and effective.

MAY AU MANION of Townsend, Montana has mastered the art of oil painting as well as developing a confident concept. "Covering" is somewhat peaceful yet contrasted with the golden triangular pattern. "Pink Nightgown II" is curious in terms of the message, yet the painting is nicely done. "Visiting Sigmund" shows the caring concern for the suffering. And "A Break" is visually bold and rich in color contrast.

JESUS MARIN of Orlando, Florida has several rich illustrations in acrylic. "Abba Father" is wonderfully expressed showing the triumphant God. And "From the Deep to the Deeper" is a nice interpretation showing faith and trust in Him.

EDIE SCHUTTE MARTIN of Eagle, Idaho has several outstanding and delicate stained glass works. "Angel of Harmony" shows the strength of symmetry using the harp to perhaps suggest harmony. "Madonna and Child of the Stars Icon II" is masterfully done with bold primary colors. "Madonna and Child Icon I" is quite striking with the sandblast framing treatment. And "Madonna and Child with Poinsettia" is also quite nice. And with Joseph in the picture, "The Holy Family" is beautifully created.

ANDREW J. ORTIZ of Arlington, Texas has an interesting compelling technique which makes quite an impact as seen in "Corazon Sagrado" (Sacred Heart). "Nuestra Senora del Maiz" (Our Senora of the Maiz) with the blur and overlapping transparency is quite rich. And "Thorn" with the warm earth tones is a great interpretation.

MICHELLE VEZINA PETERLIN of Evansville, Indiana is able to create a good sense of realism in "Shabbat" using acrylic paint. The tonal gradations is quite effective and the reflection of light well developed.

DUANE J. PIEPER OF Gretna, Nebraska expresses faith is several ways. One of these is "Shelter of His Wings" done in encaustic and mixed media which provides its visual strength. The combination of a soft painted background and added media gives the message a strong impact.

WENDY A. RABINOWITZ of Pittsfield, Massachusetts uses mixed media very effectively showing a delicacy and a boldness to present "Drenched in Peace". The overall warmth of the organic quality makes for a calming effect.

EDITH SUCHODREW of Aachen, Germany takes computer graphics to a high level as seen in "For Eternity !" - "Für die Ewigkeit !“. Herein the 'Star of David" is center stage. Her work “Sacred Light" - "Heiliges Licht" is another strong piece.

POPPY VINCENT of Springfield, Illinois shows a delicate "Crown of Thorns Cross" with sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold, providing a very handsome and delicate artwork.

NICOLE WILLBUR of Chicago, Illinois has a well developed watercolor entitled "A Light in the Dark, South Dakota" wherein the perspective of the fence and the distant church, together with the foreboding stormy clouds with the light coming through, all make for a dramatic message.

Thank you.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art