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15th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The "15th Annual Contemporary Art International Juried Online Art Exhibition" reveals a range of styles and concepts, many of which are indicating various directions in contemporary thought. Below are a few comments about some of the artists and their works.

KIPUM BAE of San Francisco, California has a rich sense of the landscape and farmland in particular. Her "The Journey" shows an understanding of the cattle along the trails throughout the hillside. Her watercolor technique is sensitive and rather unique in terms of the puddling technique in the larger spaces.

SASAN BASIRAT of Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran masterfully uses colored pencil to perfection as seen in "Tomb of Anonymous Poet". The very fine detailing and the subtle gradations are a marvelous accomplishment with such a media.

KEN BENNISON of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is well known for his attention to detail and compositional strength with the landscape. "Golden Moment" shows the water's reflection of the forestation and "Nature's Splendour" shows the smooth fluidity of the flowing water over the rough rocky formation. The color change from a golden warmth to a blue-violet is remarkable. His "River's Flow" is composed in two sub units with the water in the foreground and the ground in the upper part. The directional aspects of both are intensely opposite. And "Winter's Design" in grayscale is bold yet peaceful in its simplicity.

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada continues his tremendous knowledge of the digital arena developing such surrealism that is astounding as seen in "Elysian Fields". His "Exodus" is another marvelous work using a child with various toys. And "Utopia" takes the cake, so to speak, with the figure hanging from above in the rather Victorian type living room. The cake-like structure on a single wheel is also rather curious.

ELINORE BUCHOLTZ of New York, New York in her abstract expressionistic style, strikes a chord in her acrylic work "Looking Over" which has all the distinctive qualities of a rich painterly interplay.

LANRE BURAIMOH of Houston, Texas is prolific with her bead and acrylic combination. Of particular success is her "Passionate Mother" with all the many beads and color and especially communicating the special motherly love indicated by the eight children gathered around.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York continues his highly developed and intriguing digital orchestrations. His work in Adobe Photoshop is masterful as seen in the piece "Bolted Columns" with all the exciting textures and movements throughout. Also, "NYCT" is another dynamic work with hints of city buildings enriched by the striking warm and cool contrasts.

HANNAH EHLMAN of Frostburg, Maryland has some very interesting work indeed and the thematic interpretations are rather though-provoking. "Gossip" is interesting in terms of the copper and bronze with patina and the continuous curvilinear aspects which may reinforce the idea of gossip going on and on. The work "Journey" also seems appropriate with the neck piece irregularly formed. And "Silent Beauty" in its encased formation and the rich coloration holds well with the other pieces.

MANUEL J. GONZALES of Lubbock, Texas takes printmaking in the direction of the monoprint and achieves quite an effect as seen in "Passage". Herein the high value contrast together with the textural bravado and color with its high and low saturation makes for a strong work.

SHEILA GRABARSKY of Waretown, New Jersey has strong color tonality and painterly effects in her acrylic painting "Fantasy Garden 13". With the ambitious development of the flower-like areas she achieves an outstanding voluptuous artwork.

ANN ISOLDE of Santa Monica, California brings a sense of California warmth to an acrylic painting entitled "Portal" with dominant prismatic color and a strong sense of abstraction.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas continues his signature style using a special photo process combined with collage. All of his works are artful indeed, in the sense of engaging the viewer in numerous ways, including an understanding of the human condition as seen in his "140. The Waiting Room-I.See.U.-#12-Redefine Possible". And "141.=!!!!. #1" shows his continuation of the multi-faceted imagery. This mode is then found in many of his other works: "143. =!!!!, #3" and "144. =!!!!, #4". Showing his particular insight into individuals in the hospital he developed "DR170. The Waiting Room-I.See.U., #76, Redefine Possible", "DR171. The Waiting Room-I.See.U., #77 and Redefine Possible". Joseph Kagle is a great artist without question.

TAMMY KUSHNIR of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a keen eye for capturing the tenderness of youth as seen in her special black and white photograph "Georgie". The delicacy of the child is quite touching.

MARY E. MORGAN of Hurst, Texas has an awesome painting full of artistic/painterly character. "Blue Lagoon" shows a kind of fluidity suggestive of the water scene with the palm branch overhead.

IP PANG of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has achieved a visual precision with acrylic in the painting "Classic Car". The strong red and blue colors with the lone palm tree with the curious spherical bead-like forms creates an attractive painting.

YOUSSEF RAMI of Toronto, Ontario, Canada creates an interesting spatial arrangement entitled "Sacred Silence". The muted monochrome provides a tonality in which the staged structure with overlapping columns show a nice depth.

NANCY WYMAN RAY of Rock Hill, South Carolina has a great sense of detail and visual precision. Her special ink work "Searchlights" shows this fine delicacy of artistry.

RITA RIGGS of Ypsilanti, Michigan takes on orthography and conceptualism to a highly developed contemporary punch. Her "Cinnamon" and "Cinnamon 3D" are certainly engaging and marvelous in terms of the question posed. Another excellent mixed media piece is "No Hope" with the grayish and muted violet lending to the situation of the young man surrounded by mice. The halo, the teeth and the white liquid add to the mystery. Also her "Nothing Place" with its fine micron control and male figure slightly looking downward is another thought-provoking idea. "Recoil" is another diagrammatic development that invites contemplation.

PING SHEN of Rockville, Maryland in "Harmony - Peace" shows her superior skill with watercolor. The bouquet in the warm neutral tones is fine and calming. And "James" in watercolor shows the same high skill level. The perspective of looking up from below is quite impressive. To make a spiritual impact "Mercy" does this very well with Christ ministering to the ill person. And "Miracle" shows the blessing Christ performing his holy work. "Late Autumn" further indicates the wide range of subjects beautifully painted from everyday life.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York is making an impact with her special perspective of buildings and landscapes. "Midtown NYC Rooftop" is rich in architectural structure and color effects. Also, "NYC Terrace" shows the many shapes of the building structures.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California takes color field and abstract expressionism to a high degree in his acrylic painting "Amplify" wherein the splash of color is outstanding.

NAMI YANG of Whittier, California has a colorful work entitled "Guava" with rich contrasting warm and cool colors and strategic tonal development. The use of a kind of veiling adds greatly to the oil painting "Happy Roses" with its deep blue and orange impact.

Thank you for your attention to these fine artists and artworks. If you get a chance, pass the word along about this worldwide exhibition and other monthly opportunities.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art