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17th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The "17th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Art Exhibition" brings together artists and artwork that is going on today in the art world with selections from the international community. Please know that all the works showcased in this show have been selected and therefore are of special merit. The following commentary is about those works that are especially noteworthy in significant ways.

WANDA BLAKE of Mt. Arlington, New Jersey has a delightful manner of oil painting as particularly seen in the four foot square painting entitled "July" wherein the overall warmth of the interpretation of the summer month is radiantly created in reds and yellows, greens and pink, making for a very stunning piece indeed.

ELINORE BUCHOLTZ of New York City, New York brings together various shapes, lines and colors to represent the idea of "Pieces of Memory". Developed in acrylic the three foot square painting speaks well about pieces in basically primary colors. This is a wonderful direction.

M. M. DUPAY of Bowling Green, Ohio is a master at collage as seen in her work "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" (In Her Shoes Series). The landscape format and the foreground cut imagery with colored pencil, shines with forethought and mystery - such a developed imagination. And too, the work "Just Love Her Good and True Myself" (In Her Shoes Series) brings together some rather dramatic components with the dramatic facial over the shoulder, the bird and other facial feature atop the facing shoes and the wonderful pen with attachments, all wonderfully curious indeed.

JOAN FITZGERALD of Hamburg, New York has a definite signature style with her developed style using special collage pictures amidst a slightly textured acrylic ground, creating a rather mysterious space but intriguing in terms of the selected imagery. "The Beginning of Imagination" is well organized.

CAROL HERREN FOERSTER of Littlestown, Pennsylvania is a master artist with the graphite pencil medium. Her super realism is all her works are superior. For instance, "Bryan" is remarkable in the capturing of the dreadlocks detailing. And the drama as developed in "Cat on a Chair" is quite striking with the dark and light values next to each other in the face and furry neck area. Capturing the light again in the work "Herb" is remarkable along with the realistic rendering of the textures. And bringing together the shininess of the saxophone with the contrasting detailing of the wrinkled hand is quite nice.

MATTHEW GORDON of Spring, Texas has work with such fine details that sings off the surface of the artwork. His "Predator Meditation Ceremony; When the Hunted Becomes the Hunter" shows the wonderful movement upward in a diptych display of rich linear qualities. And "When It's All Said and Done" the organic-like diamond formation is unusual but the intricacies are quite awesome, delightful and amazing!
Also this special style is developed skillfully as well in his "First Ride" with all the finer qualities deserving of praise.

JEFFREY HAUPT of Starkville, Mississippi has a bold approach using ink and gouache and this is well displayed in the work "Nocturne #9" with the broad strokes and the dark and light interplay. The complexity is there too in the overlapping grid structuring which makes it a strong piece.

ERIC CHRISTOPHER JACKSON of Las Vegas, Nevada has a remarkable photograph called "Coming Up for Air" showing a fish swimming upward with the face forward and the tail flipping back and forth. The golden color and the light lavender work well in terms of the natural color and also the algae or underwater particles all about helps to show the drama. And too the dark background reinforces the theme. The underwater photography is well appreciated. His "On the Surface" is a curious work in that one wonders how this was created, but that is the beauty and strength of the work. And the simplicity of the work "Rest" with the special lighting in the dark field area is absolutely beautiful and quite artistic.

MARIAH KAMINSKY of Durango, Colorado has definitely captured a rainy scene. In "Downpour at Spike's" she has the colored umbrellas that suggest a brightness and cheerfulness which helps to contrast to the very downpour which is painted marvelously and convincingly. One doesn't often encounter a rainy scene in paintings.

AARON LANDMAN of Calabasas, California has an interesting approach to art making. The maze subject is handled quite well in the work "Yesterday's Maze" with the desaturated complimentary color scheme and the wonderful passages moving from here to there and back and forth.

NANCY POLLOCK of Dallas, Texas works with the subject of fish in a marvelous way as seen in "Fish in Newsprint", a multi-media collage. The orchestration of the grouping is quite interesting and the bits of color and text work well to engage the viewer. And too, the 56" length adds to the effectiveness. And using glass mosaic on tin she develops a bit of humor perhaps in the work "This Pig Flies". Able to work well in different media, she creates an excellent work with coiled rope entitled "The Wave" which is a great textile interpretation of a wave movement. One might want to say OMG with the piece "Too Much Information" wherein the mosaic with newsprint is somewhat outrageous in structure, thus accomplishing the concept.

RAYMOND QUENNEVILLE of Boischatel, Quebec, Canada paints with authority in that all his work shows a special style of smoothness using oil. "Å Bientôt" is quite astounding and beautiful compositionally as well as in terms of color. The fluidity of the painting "Å Perte de Vue" with the rolling hills and the smooth linear parts is melodic. The depth of the work Å Vos Souhaits" is marvelous capturing a very special serenity. "Retrouvailles" with the bright warm close up foreground and the cooler mountain range work well together in contrast. And the smoothness of the houses add even more visual interest with the geometric touch. And too, the linear passages on the yellow and yellow-orange foreground and middle-ground hills set a drama against the distant calmer scene.

NATALIE REILLY of Santa Ana, California has a confident style and is especially brilliantly displayed in her acrylic painting entitled "Purple Dahlia". The use of the entire picture plane helps to dramatically stage the flower and the way it is painted with the luscious controlled strokes is rich and special and even the large size of sixty inches wide makes for a very successful painting.

SIBEL SANCAR of Ankara, Turkey has developed a mastery with the digital medium. Of particular note of worthiness is the work "Reflection-4" piece. The multi-colored, highly sautéed work together with the geometry in the shapes and overlapping makes for a stunning work.

DAVID SAPP of Berlin Hts., Ohio has a special signature style. His Untitled Series" shows a highly skilled manner of gestural movements. Of special note is his "Untitled 14_13" wherein the large circular movements somehow allow an engagement with a smaller white line looping that overlaps. Nicely done. This is also successful in his "Untitled 14_21" with somewhat different massing treatment yet together with the overlapping white dancing movement, both contrasting well together. And with the rich curvilinear treatments in "Untitled 14_9" he creates another stimulating drawing.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania often uses a polychromatic palette which she makes work in brilliant ways. Her work "Bubble Play" is quite delightful with the circular movements and the bubbly feeling throughout. Her work "Kings & Queens" with more color tonal contrast is also a strong work, reinforced here by the diamond shaping as well as the special symmetrical arrangement.

DR. ELIZA M. SCHMID of Albuquerque, New Mexico uses oil over acrylic on canvas to create this special piece entitled "Magic Tree II". The positive/negative interplay is intriguing and the warm color scheme makes it all work together.

KUSUM SHUKLA of Delhi, India has a signature style using multi-brushstrokes moving generally upward as seen in the special work called "Swaying Emotions". The yellow, green, red and their mixtures help to convey the lightness and depth found in various emotions. The overall technique and small strokes keeps the idea of emotions in control.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York City, New York has a definite style with the special aerial perspective as soon in most of her work. "Terraced English Houses" is a wonderful capturing of the row houses and the various colors of the houses and their roofs - just wonderful as a painting. And the sharpness of the complimentary colors on the houses and roof tops definitely shows the character of the place, entitled "Tuscany Roof Tops".

CAROL STAUB has a developed style in her earth-tone acrylic works as seen in "Celestial No. 5". The many textural areas and various parts are able to sing with the black and white and brownish colors. And "Portal No. 6" is quite striking with the special effects she uses to create such a wonderful abstraction with a hint of spatial dimension.

COBURN TULLER of Rogersville, Missouri contributes something quite unusual in that these are not only brilliantly created sculptures, but also deal with a musical component. "The Amadinda", "The Pyramid", "The Studio" and "The Tuba Flop" are all amazing and the music they can make adds to their special significance. There are videos of Coburn playing them on his website: Or you can check them with these links: I have utube videos of me playing these instruments that might be helpful if you could include them on the website. They are as follows:
The Pyramid
The Tuba Flop
The Studio
The Amadinda

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California has a special style in his ability to make acrylic work for his intentions. This is wonderfully developed in his recent work "Mystic Forest" - a rather large piece extending seventy-two inches in width. The rich textural qualities and the multi-colored abstracted trees make for a wonderfully strong painting.

ANNETTE ZALANOWSKI of Altoona, Pennsylvania uses mixed media in such a way as to develop skillful intricate patterns. Her work "Canyon Waters" captures in an abstract way, the canyon and the waters aided by the cool colors of the waters and the browns for the canyon, yet giving a sense of realism with the sun or moon in the sky.

All in all the gallery is proud of all the selected artists for this year's Contemporary Showcase. It is our hope that by offering this venue, your work will have a wide-spread audience throughout the art world. Congratulations!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art