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13th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The “13th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition” shows a variety of artworks with fifty-seven artists selected for this worldwide showcase. Many of the artists are from the United States, however there are artists from Australia, China, Romania and The Netherlands.

The following artists have achieved a special mention for their originality, technical artistic skill and significant content.

MARIE BERGSTEDT of San Francisco, California uses an unusual assortment of media, especially her use of crochet, to effectively present an original approach to sculpture. In “Triker” she shows the outfit of a little girl and a tricycle with detailed patterns. In “The Happiest Christmas Typewriter” she uses bold colors crocheted with old typewriter parts. In a subtle palette she creates “Dressing for a Delicate Condition”, much like cast paper sculpture, yet more emphatic with the delicate patterning. “Countdown” is also a delicate form wherein she uses crochet over a wire construction. Using reconstructed cotton crochet tablecloth and lace with new knitting enhancements she forms “Getting On” showing a woman in a walking stance. All of these works are quite strong, yet delicate.

DAVID BLOW of Hickory Creek, Texas shows his expertise with digital technology. His impressive work entitled “God Bless America” he incorporates the phrase “God Bless America” with the stars of the flag and repeats the word “Freedom” in the red stripes and “Life, Liberty, Justice” in the white stripes. And in the background he shows the imagery of fireworks to enhance the strong message.

MATTHEW DAVIS of Cape Coral, Florida uses mixed media to express his ideas. In his work “Pelican” he shows an interpretation of the colorful aspects of life in Florida. And in “Send Me on My Way” he shows a richly colorful expression of the idea.

HALINA DOMANSKI of Yuba City, California uses collage on canvas. In the work “Second Chance” she shows an image of an angel form facing right and an open door below that indicating a left movement. The top is lighter and the bottom is darker. And in “Open Safe” there is a combination of rectangular and circular imagery with rich textural aspects.

MATTHEW DUNLAP of Ames, Iowa recycles many found objects consisting of waste, which because of their visual differences, does indeed spark interest in his work “Annabelle” which may suggest that Annabelle has a lot of character.

IWONA DUSZEK of Springfield, Missouri shows skill with digital photography. In “City Blues” she composes architectural forms in monochrome blue to express a message about the city life. The rectilinear and curvilinear contrast is very effective compositionally.

H. A. GALLUCIO of McLean, Virginia is a prolific photographer using a strong value contrast in his works. In “Arlington 1” he shows the telecommunication aspect against the backdrop of natural tree forms. And with a similar approach in "Arlington 3" he shows the organic contrast with the geometric; the city form of a light pole with the tree form, both visually connected with wiring, while the soft amorphous clouds flow above.

COLIN GASTELLE of Middletown, Maryland creates with graphic design. In his “Digital Scenery” he uses bright coloration flowing from the head area of a figure as if from the mind, represented by a rectilinear monitor form, flows out technology. And in monotone blue he creates the work “Goodbye Blue Mondays” wherein he shows the figure as an exposed photographic negative with an abundance of textural treatments.

MOLLY GENTRY of Wake Forest, North Carolina has a great artistic imagination in that the selections of her works are quite varied in imagery and materials. “You Better Get It Straight” is a great idea and with the blue-green abstracted face surrounded with orange wire and other metal parts, utilizing the nice cast shadows, altogether makes one think. Using strips and shapes of wood she presents “Droplet” which is rather arresting considering the structural work involved. In her piece “Function?” she shows a bit of humor with this construction. And in the piece “Remodeling” she creates a very imaginative construction also with a bit of humor involved. Also in “I’d Lend You a Hand But I’m All Tied Up” is humorous too and quite interesting in terms of the contrast various materials.

CORNEL GINGARASU of Galati, Romania has some striking photographic works, especially the piece “Baroque (2)” wherein is shows a seated woman with a lot of hair volume holding a bird cage as she is leaning to the right and a open-mouth amphibious creature facing right, all highlighted and centered, forming a value pattern forming a ‘Z’ movement. Another effective and unusual photograph is “Master and Model” with unusual combinations of imagery in a surrealist framework.

TOMMY GRAEF of Estell Manor, New Jersey creates using digital photo-illustration. In “The Dragon” he shows the statue of St. Michael the Archangel with his spear into the dragon-like form, all taking place in the daylight, yet in the sky he shows the full moon at night - an interesting consideration.

RACHEL HAMILTON of Conway, Arkansas creates a rich work with many different mediums to show her idea of “Reclaimed” which is rather cubistic in style. The strong value contrast and textural treatments adds to the statement.

PETE HERZFELD of Washington, D. C. has a group of works showing his special style. In “Huddle” he shows this signature approach with the red and yellow palette. And in “Group” using the same coloration he shows his technique quite well.

GWEN KERTH of Ottawa, Kansas works with digital collage. In the bilateral symmetrical work “Cain and Abel” she shows a modern interpretation of Genesis 4:1. In her work “H. H. Suplee, ‘State of the Art’” she groups images to create a fantastic mobile form.

MARY KLOPFER of Fort Wayne, Indiana is quite expressive using found objects, wood and resin cast as seen in “Monkey” which is made of skeletal bones and body parts with the face very expressive. Her work “Taste Like Chicken” she uses metal and fiber cement to create another fantastic piece in bright and dull greenish colors which adds to the strangeness. In her “Support System”, using a bright orange in steel and fiber cement she shows a fantastic figure in a strange balancing formation. And in her piece “Egg Holder” she creates a wonderful form, heavy and large on the bottom and light and small on the top. And “Gracie Doll” she further shows a greatly imaginative approach to her ideas all of which are marvelous indeed, showing a high level of artistry.

TRICIA POULOS LEONARD of Reno, Nevada brings a rather lyrical sensibility to her mixed media. In “Jazz Pianist” she creates the mood with the light and dark colors developing a kind of jazzy movement throughout the piece.

KATHY MITCHELL of Iowa City, Iowa has a keen sense of manipulating materials and imagery. Her “Altered Book” is richly embellished and finished with a special sparkle varnish. Inside the box she shows a Geisha sculpture piece which is highly decorated. The use of the gold color gives a sense of regalness.

MONIQUE MONTEZ of Stockton, California enriches her mixed, etching collage which is two-dimensionally detailed in “Amaya Luna”. The accents of a turquoise and yellow works to emphasize various parts. With more color contrasts she effectively takes the idea a step further in “Amaya Luna II”. With similar patterning, she shows three main subdivisions in warm and cool contrast, making what is entitled “Mystic Dream”.

ANDREW NANCE of San Marcos, Texas has a great sense of architectural form. In his “Urban Amalgam” he shows a structure which is enhanced in its panoramic, horizontal layout. Also quite interesting is his montage style in “Hybrid Island”.

ESTHER E. RANDALL of Berea, Kentucky creates some nicely textured qualities to create “sCape #70 Big Mountain” in a raw umber tone. The delicacy of the overall work shows a sensitivity for nuance.

KAREN ROBBINS of North Hollywood, California uses an assortment of visual effects in her mixed media collages. “Judith” shows a calm woman figure with quite a bit of movement all around. This same orchestration is used in her piece “Magdalen”. The figure of the woman is rather contemplative in that her hand is positioned on her face.

KRIS RUDOLPH of Canton, Michigan has some profound and very significant works dealing with the theme of illness. “Annette, Dad’s Mother. Deceased.”, “Dana, Best Friend. Deceased.”, “Eileen, Aunt and Cancer Survivor. Removed.”, “My Feelings” and others are a grouping of glass plates, all connected thematically as well as with a red and green complimentary color scheme. The content of tragedy and hope are quite meaningful as art expressions.

CLINT SAUNDERS of Casper, Wyoming shows his skill with nuance with the subtle amorphous sensibility as seen in his photo montage “Hope” wherein the more you look, the more you see. With a more bold approach he creates a significant message in “Who Am I?”. And with more tonal contrast he creates “16 Failed Concepts” which is rather dramatic as seen in the facial expressions. And with “Playing For Keeps: The Battle Within” he takes the concept of good and evil with the dark images at the bottom and the top characters all light. And in-between he shows the game board to further express the idea.

ELIZA M. SCHMID of Santa Fe, New Mexico works well with collage and mixed media. In the strong message of “War is Not the Answer” the skeletal imagery, the strong grid work gives expression to the overall idea.

LAVINIA BRANCA SNYDER of New York, New York is working with mirror symmetry. Quite nice is the piece “Modern Times” with the patterns of city buildings. With more curvilinear building structures she shows “The Light” in the same compositional format. The cool color of the city piece and the warm color of the interior piece are well done.

CAROL STAUB of Somerset, New Jersey has a keen sense of texture and pattern in her square formatted mixed media on canvas. One of the most effective in terms of contasting effects is “Environmental Series No. 5”, wherein the upper centralized grid work is surrounded with more organic expressive areas.

HOLLY SUZANNE (Beckman-Filbert) of Wichita, Kansas shows some abstract expressionistic works and one of the most effective is “Praying Man” which is a wonderful free form developed with gestural linear movements.

THOMAS TEAMOH, of Chongqing City, PR China is a prolific photographer. “Peking Opera Star” is very effective in black and white with the face and head dress brightly colored. His “Dance Performers I” and “Dance Performers II” are wonderful showing the movement of the body in held sequence.

LANCE TURNER of Morganton, North Carolina is consistent with his highly use of patterning with figurative works. “HHHHeather as Base 36 Triangulated Parallelogram Cat Matrix” shows quite a character. The looping shark mouths in circular formations with the triangular patterns underlapped shows a striking visual in the piece entitled “Self-Portrait as Still Life with Loopsharks”. Using RC Prints on Paper he creates “Shane Photomontage” further demonstrating a love for pattern. “The Termination of Walter Benjamin Clones” is effective not only with the repetitive technique but the position of the face looking upwards.

KEITH L. WALDRUM of Dallas, Texas uses a special technique to create his linear abstractions. “Radiated Pickup Sticks #93” shows expressive colored lines enhanced by the black background in this digital photograph.

ESTHER WERTHEIMER of Boca Raton, Florida uses bronze very successfully in her signature style wherein her figures are lyrically elongated to express the quality she achieves. “Addosso Mini” is magnificent in this respect. In a large size, “Airborn” shows the beautiful lines of the figures, especially in the child. The work “Children at Play with Hoops” is another fine, delicate rendition. “Invictus” in bronze shows the cooperation of individuals in a kind of helping hand statement, climbing together with the help of one another. Quite engaging is the piece “Poolo & Francesca SM” in colored bronze. The sense of movement and the ability to make this work balanced is remarkable.

KAZUYO YAMADA of Leiden, The Netherlands creates a soft mood in her oil paintings. One of the most striking is “In My Imperfect World”. In this work the facial expression seems more pensive than her playful works with the cats, which work well in their own way.

DEEDEE ZAMARIPPA of Abilene, Texas uses digital tools to create some significant statements. “Murdoch Overload” is quite strong with the message of ‘Beware” and the use of puppetry. Another strong work with somewhat similar imagery is “Don’t Think, I’m in Control” which is boldly stated. And in her “Self-Portrait” she captures a beautiful and calm presentation of self.

HILARY R. ZELSON of Mamaroneck, New York takes glitter and acrylic gel and watercolor on paper to show a highly attractive work in “Exposed” which comes across rather well considering that something is being revealed in an almost shocking way.

Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to provide their artwork for the world to see and be touched.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art