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14th Annual Collage, Digital and Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The “14th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition” shows a variety of artworks with thirty-six artists selected for this special showcase.

The following artists have achieved a special mention for their originality, technical artistic skill and significant content.

ERIC AKCEVAK of Chicago, Illinois exhibits mastery in the digital realm. His ability to manipulate visual effects in abstract terms is readily seen in such works as his “Cyclops” which demonstrates an understanding color and movement. Another strong piece in terms of textural emphasis is “Electronica” with the special attention to the central area. And with a greater depth of character with textural treatment, he creates “Interference”.

MARIE BERGSTEDT of San Francisco, California has a fine sensibility in the use of mixed media. Perhaps one of her strongest pieces in the show is “Sister Vicki” with all the delicacy of hand-stitching silk organza, cotton crochet and embroidery. This is such a tender piece.

DAVID BLOW of Hickory Creek, Texas is a master digital artist who is able to bring together various imagery for a strong impact as seen in his “Guacamole”. The grid work framing and the red-orange and yellow-green complementary color are quite striking altogether.

LEE BOWEN-BRADSHAW of Minneapolis, Minnesota uses mixed media and clay to develop some interesting configurations. The work “DNA” is intriguing in terms of the compartmentalizing of various parts and the earth tones lend well to the subject matter.

PAM BREKAS of Gardnerville, Nevada creates some interesting visual effects with mixed media. Her work “Lavender Myst” is especially strong with the sense of liquidity and textural treatments.

ANGELA CAZE JAHN of Phoenix, Arizona uses acrylic, pin-screen pegs and resin on a drywall panel to create a wonderful and playful work entitled “Potentially Upside Down”. The outlined swinging figure adds greatly to idea.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York brings some rich textural treatment, strong color combinations and strong movement areas to his work “Turbulence”. This is quite an engaging work.

TAMAS G. FUCHS of Budapest, Hungary takes digital to canvas in several of the works. Of particular note is the piece “Librarian” with the unusual juxtapositioning of imagery, lending to a wonderful interplay. Along the same vein of approach, the work “Preparing for the Ball” integrates strong imagery together for special effect.

PAT GOLTZ of Tucson, Arizona manipulates various media to compose some very creative effects as seen in the piece “An Eagle Flies Through”. The use of a realistic eagle in the context of the abstract environment makes for a curious work.

MICHAEL HEMPHILL of Los Angeles, California is a master with assemblage. His very strong message is well taken in his “Bulimia” wherein the person, the toilet and the scales help to show the dilemma. Another impressive piece is “Direct Line” using again symbolism to evoke the message of having a direct communication via prayer.
And “Portfolio Presentation” is also very rich symbolically. The work “Transfer” is rather compelling with the chain and the face behind the screen. The grayness and the yellowish face add well the message.

PETE HERZFELD of Washington, D. C. has a signature style which is quite interesting in terms of his use of weather related imagery in the context of portraiture and with various messages like ‘In Memoriam”. Some of the strongest pieces are “Blackwell” and “Fleek”.

JOHN H. HUGHLEY of Durham, North Carolina uses rich textural patterning to develop his Reflection Series. Special in the series is his “Reflection Number Four” wherein the density gives a kind of strength and tightness to the work.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas is a kind of genius in terms of his ability to manipulate all the art elements with a rich aesthetic that is very visually engaging. His “X’s and O’s #3” and “X’s and O’s #7” are fine examples of the visual power his work generates.

JENE LAMAN of San Marcos, Texas has a wonderful and delicate handmade paper, paint and wood vine piece that is quite stunning and the large size of twenty inches in diameter makes it even more impressive.

JIM PEARSON of Lawrenceville, Illinois takes digital photomontage to a masterful level as seen in all his works in the show. “Anonymous Bone Noise AVW”, “Anonymous Bone Noise ULM”, “Anonymous Bone Noise CTR” and “Anonymous Bone Noise CRX” are all quite stunning with the warm and cool interplay and moreover the many areas of tonal and textural contrasts.

ESTHER E. RANDALL of Richmond, Virginia has an intriguing style with her digital prints. One of the strongest works is “sCape 107”. The out-of-this-world type landscape with forms escaping from holes is strange indeed.

GARY LEE RUPAR of Ozark, Missouri works well in digital illustration. His piece “Roller Blade Mediated Portraiture – 02” is rich with text and figures, color and shadow – a wonderful homage to the sport. And of course, his work entitled “Upstream People” is awesome in its rendition of the subject matter.

ROD SEELEY of Oak Park, California accomplishes a lot visually in his “Bursting Colored Eggs”. The high-saturated egg shaped areas, large and small are enticing for sure. And his “Electric Rainbow” is another testament to his understanding of color and textural effects.

CAROL STAUB of Port Saint Lucie, Florida is adept with mixed media collage, creating impressive textural interactions in well-arranged compositions. “Environmental Series No. 8” is one of those with great impact in variations of white, black and grays.

SANDY STRATIL of Carthage, North Carolina uses ink and acrylic on paper. In her work “I Was Only Dreaming” she shows a woman in a thinking position with the imagery of a man, horse and child in the background as if the woman is thinking about them.

PEGGY ZEHRING of La Veta, Colorado has a rich signature style as seen in her very strong curvilinear work entitled “Tangled Chi” which seems to demonstrate a kind of tangle in the life energy or lifeforce. The dimensional effect is quite effective and visually rich and the strong warm and cool color contrast is great.

Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to provide their artwork for the world to see and be touched.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art