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18th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The "18th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Art Exhibition" brings together artists and artwork that is going on today in the art world with selections from the international community. Please know that all the works showcased in this show have been selected and therefore are of special merit. The following commentary is about those works that are especially noteworthy in significant ways.

DON BERGLAND of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is prolific with fantastic imagery with his highly developed digital expertise. His facility with this media is exceptional. All three of his works: "The Teaching", "Lethe" and "Spinoza" all are remarkably effective as well as quite mysterious in the sense of a kind of neo-surrealism. Wonderful work!

NANCY HART of Odessa, Texas has excelled in her visual vocabulary to the point of gaining a strong signature style. Her work in this year's show are all specially recognized for the outstanding artistic skill demonstrated in all her works: "Two Birds and Nest", "Bird and Nest", "Birds and Bones", "Falu" and "Swedish Landscapes and Birds". Each is a celebration of the fine characteristics, especially of birds.

PETER HRISO of Saint Joseph, Missouri graces the exhibition with a continuation of his successful digital works. His "Cherry Bowl" shows a visual precision that is crisp and accurate. The cross-contouring is striking. Also, his "Peppers" with the boldness of color and the rather free-form arrangement, is also impressive.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., Kingwood, Texas has an elaborate sensibility with an abundance of imagery similar to the second generation New York Painters. His works: "Watercrest - Making It Right With Wrong #106" with the strong center of interest; "Watercrest - Making It Right With Wrong #106" and "Watercrest - Making It Right With Wrong #105"
grabs the viewer inviting the exploration of the many parts.

JIM PEARSON of Lawrenceville, Illinois has all of his archival digital drawings chosen again for this show, due to the organized markings in a rather panoramic setup. "Anonymous Landscape KR", "Anonymous Landscape WK", "Anonymous Landscape OM", "Anonymous Landscape QV" and "Anonymous Landscape TS" are all full of abundant energy. The latter with the lightened area in the upper middle is favored.

MIRIAM ROBINSON of Atlanta, Georgia has a kind of organic line movement that gives a special nerve-like character. Of particular note is her "She's Electric" wherein the large light bulb overlay demands respect. Also effective is the complementary color of yellow and purple.

HARUHISA TAKANO of Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan has a most calming and fine work entitled "A Boat". The light grayness and the central man in the boat is somewhat meditative. The work "Festive Merry" has a similar feeling with the moving bubbles floating about. Gentle and effective are his trademark in these pieces.

MACHIKO OSHIMA TURNER of Christiansburg, Virginia uses Sumi Ink. The works "Japanese Calligraphy – 癒 – YU – Healing", "Japanese Calligraphy – 癒 – YU – Healing", "Japanese Calligraphy – 癒 – YU – Healing" and "Japanese Calligraphy – 勇 – YŪ – Courage" all show a reasonable description of their titles. Each is delightful!

Thanks to all the artists who have made this small show a strong international show.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor Emeritus of Art & Art History