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14th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The imagery of the landscape will always endure, either through the eyes of the artists of the age or as part of the sincere concern of the environmentalists. Nevertheless, our show gives honor to those artists who are conscious of the importance of the land. Herein are some comments about some of the strong works in this year's exhibition.

IONE CITRIN of Los Angeles, California is quite a prolific artist and certainly versatile with various media. Her watercolor, "L. A. Freeway" is an industrious portrayal of the freeway system in Los Angeles. Her somewhat whimsical meandering of the traveling cars throughout the city is very engaging.

PRESTON CRAIG of Lake Balboa, California is definitely a master landscape artist. His attention to detail and sense of perspective works quite well in his acrylic work "Napa" where houses are placed about the valley. The rich color treatment is warm and engaging in his piece "Napa Red". He captures the serenity of the beach front in another acrylic work "Pescadero Beach". And in a strong depiction of cedar trees and the overall blue-green landscape works well for "Three Swans".

SELMA DURUKANOGLU of Istanbul, Turkey portrays in a linoleum cut print, "Landscape of Seven Wonders" which is quite illustrative and a strong work in black and white, wherein the collective arrangement of each segment demands attention.

RICHARD HELMICK of Corvallis, Oregon has mastered colored pencil in a rich impressionistic manner. His "Shenanegan" shows a wonderful sense of energy, not only due to the subject matter but also because of the overall spotting technique.

ANNA JANE HENDERSON of Moline, Illinois shows a variety of landscapes. Of particular note is her piece "Ocean Sunset" which as a seascape shows the strong sense of the setting sun as it colors the whole scene in warm yellow-oranges with hints of blue and violet. The strong ocean wave is well captured in the foreground of this fine oil painting.

DANIEL HITTLEMAN of Melville, New York has a keen photographer's eye, finding the special views as seen in his work "Marshall Point Light" wherein he captures that special time of day with the hazy sun next to the shore. Another work that stands out is the moving birds in "Flight".

DEBRA HOUSTON of Portland, Oregon has a signature color palette that has a warm glow as seen in "Fading Light" wherein the rich reddish hues enrich the gentle landscape.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas has an extraordinary degree of artistic talent. His landscape series is so creative and brilliant in abstract terms. "Landscape Series #59", "Landscape Series #62", "Landscape Series #70" and "Landscape Series #71" all show the playful and lyrical display of large sections connected by small colored dashes in an overlapping, overall pattern. These are stunning works indeed.

JASMINE KUKIC of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has a high level of artist imagination which is seen in her paper-on-paper collages. "Elysian Fields of Hades" has strong contrasting visual imagery. Another work that is somewhat dreamlike is "Field of Change" wherein the evenly spaced images hold together well and the cantilevered black boot adds to the mystery. "Landscape of the Soul" is intriguing with the underlapped eyes overlooking the scene.

MOLLY NATHANSON of Frederick, Maryland has a distinct sense of perspective as seen in "Eiffel Tower" and the complementary colors make for a strong piece. On a more serene note, "Hay Bales" are a wonderful composition with the hay bales positioned about the field, while the row of circular tree forms line the horizon. "Waterfall" is another engaging piece in that the vantage point of the picture taking is unusual.

KIMI NISHIKAWA of Greenwich, New York shows some interesting geometric abstractions in symmetrical pattern. "MIsty Park" is a strong work in that the organic works with the geometry. In much the same way, "November Island" uses trees in the arrangement.

PAULA PALMER of Gurnee, Illinois strikes a chord in her elegant and simple composition in "Corn Rows". And on a more dramatic note, she captures a mood in her piece "Iowa Good Friday" with the dark clouds and the centered telephone pole acting as the cross. "Cattle with Fox" is another strong work with the animals at the top on the horizon line. This compositional structure works well too in "Winter Field with Cattle".

ROD SEELEY of Oak Park, California has a special technique combining photography with digital and oil. His "Lookout Point" shows the various typography along the coastline with the lookout structure atop the hill.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York gives the show a wonderful aerial perspective of the land. In "Canyon Gate Texas" she finds a view with house structures and blue pools in a patterned formation. Her "Edison Industrial Area" is another interesting arrangement developed in appropriate colors of browns and greens.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, P. R. China captures a very strong sky with unusual cloud formations in his photograph "Lake Sunset Landscape". His "Peaceful Valley River Landscape" is amazing in terms of his ability to capture a high definition photograph.

PATRICIA BROCK THOMPSON of Phoenix, Arizona uses acrylic in a fresh expressive manner. Her painting "Sonoran View" is especially effective as a vertical piece. Her transitioning from the dark landscape to the bright on the right side of the rather panoramic view is also strong in "Sunset/Sunrise".

MACHIKO OSHIMA TURNER of Christiansburg, Virginia makes a strong statement in her landscape acrylic painting "Purification" wherein a large triangular form seems to dig into the form as if to make a dramatic change.

ELAINE TWEEDY of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada gives a sparkle to the landscape show with her strong compositions and expressive brushwork. "Brown Eyed Susans" is rich in texture and rather lyrical. The transition from flowers to water, rocks and trees, diagonally arranged, makes for a wonderful display as seen in "Indian Paintbrush & Mountain Stream". And "Valley of Five with Summer Asters" is well orchestrated also, with the delightful use of blues and greens. And "Where Mountains Meet the Prairie" shows her ability to depict the close up flowers and the distant mountain range.

ERICK VON HOFFMAN of Argyle, New York has a strong sense of oil paint in his luscious treatment in his painting of train cars in "Patriot" with the brighter colors emphasizing the stars of the scene.

ROBERT P. WEISS of Brooklyn, New York is a genius realist painter. His "Winter Backyard" is beyond photographic with the delicacy in handling acrylic paint. And his piece "Brooklyn Tech" attests to his mastery of cityscape painting. Also, "Brooklyn Heights Then" is magnificent in terms of his capturing even the small windows on the distant buildings. The Twin Towers in the scene makes this a very important work. And too, "Stone House" shows his ability to captures the scenery of a neighborhood home with snow. "BQE Roadways" is another masterpiece with all his fine detailing.

SHAUN R. WILLIAMS of Ypsilanti, Michigan is another fine master of soft pastel. His "Last Light of Day" shows his understanding of color during the dusk time of day. His "Reflection" attests to his ability to capture various textures from water to grass to tree forms.

Thanks to all the artists who skillfully bring wonderful and inspiring artwork for a worldwide audience.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art