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15th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Twenty-seven artists were chosen to represent this year's "15th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition". Upstream People Gallery is delighted to sponsor this kind of show in light of the importance of protecting our land. Herein are some general comments about some very special works that have an unusual appeal either due to the concept and/or the marvelous technical artistic skill. Please know, however, that all the works have merit because they were selected in this juried international.

ROBERT B. CLARK of New York, New York takes his sense of Impressionism to a high level as seen in his pastel treatment in "Central Park Sailboats". The triangular play of the building which coordinates with the placement of the two sailboats which create a triangular formation shows the compositional expertise of the artist as well.

PAUL COOKLIN of Occold, Suffolk, United Kingdom with his perfect square framework, captures some rather elegant insights about the landscape. "Treeline, Beccles, Suffolk, 2013" is quite interesting in that the middle ground shows a strong pathway, however the foreground blocks the path. Also the density of the tall trees counterpleas with the more openness of the smaller trees in front. "Treeline, West Thorpe, Suffolk 2013" in its L shape arrangement, with strong tonal contrast, captures the row of trees whose edge seems almost soft edged next to the flat darkness of the sky. The artists gives further technical information about these works: Treeline, Beccles, Suffolk, 2013 --
Mamiya 6, Kodak Tri-X film, Rodinal stand development and
Treeline, West Thorpe, Suffolk 2013 --
Mamiya 6, Rollei 400 Infrared film, Rodinal stand development."'

WALT CURLEE of Phenix City, Alabama is tremendously favored with a talent that shines through in every artist way. His "Autumn Apple Harvest" is a delight in its perfection of perfectly red apples, perfectly fruitful trees and even down to the perfect grass and the little creatures in the foreground. And "Blackberry Patch Rural Farm Landscape" is another magnificent masterpiece with awesome detailing and a full range of primary and secondary colors. The idea that all aspects of the farm is doing exactly what it is suppose to do. Also, "Deer In The High Meadow" is another show-stopper with such visual precision staged in an idealized setting with an awesome sense of perspective. And with the activity of shucking corn in an calming environment with grazing cows on the hills he presents "Shucking And Storing The Corn In The Corncrib". This scene should receive high praise for Nebraskan Cornhuskers.

KIMBERLY DAUS-EDWARDS of Sausalito, California shows a sense of elegance in several of her strong black and white photography especially seen in her image "The Glory of the Lord Isaiah 60:1" with the dramatic play of light coming through the dark clouds, reflecting on the waters. Further information about this work: "'This image was taken in 2003 on an early morning walk along the waterfront in beautiful Sausalito, California. This particular morning the cloud formation was exceedingly dramatic showing overcast clouds receding long enough to allow the sun to penetrate. One of the hallmarks of award-winning Kim Daus-Edwards' black and white photography is that she uses her images to uncover deep truths found in the Scriptures of the Bible. In this image, Isaiah's vision of the whole earth being full of God's glory is hard to imagine, let alone picture. Perhaps this image shows just a small slice of what it might be like when the glory of the Lord rises on a city on a hill. "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you." Isaiah 60:1"'

LYNN HILL of Elmhurst, Illinois is an insightful contemporary artist using digital transfers on metal with found objects. "Fixer Upper" shows a unique approach to mixed media. And "Messages" is another of her successes with visual strength in terms of combining a two- and three-dimensional presentation. With the use of a leather handle, "Portable Landscape" is quite handsome and earthy in color. The imagery is on a mirror which gives it a unique quality indeed. And "Prairie Song" using the music scores and other found related parts makes for a strong mixed media piece.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas has a winner with his concept dealing with photo-process and collage in the piece "COL148. The Road Taken #28". The play of large and small imagery and the contrast of color with black and white is quite striking.

TRICIA KAMAN of Chagrin Falls, Ohio gives a strong message in her oil painting entitled "My Rock" with a large rock in the foreground and a cross centered in the middle ground both of which speak about strength of faith and the literal strength of an actual rock. The artist's statement about this work: "'Each August I paint outdoors at Johnson’s Island (on the shores of the Sandusky Bay in Ohio). My artist friends and I are together for a “plein air” week. I like to capture these precious times and experiences so that I can share them with others. I was taken aback with the beautiful symbolism of the natural rock placed against an actual cross that was near the water’s edge. It spoke to me of the grace I was experiencing."'

JIM OTIS of Capitola, California is a magnificent landscape oil painter. His "A Place Where Ancients Gathered" is quite handsome with the almost symmetrical composition of the land formation. And "Ring-A-Ding at Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona" is crisp and shows a wonderful boldness during the time of day when the purple clouds dance across the sky. Also, "Cool Shade Under the Kiawe, Maui" is another wonderful painting with twisting trees in the staged in front with people off in the distance near the ocean. Especially awesome is his panoramic work "Full palette of Light, Ghost Ranch, N. M." wherein he definitely captures the handsome array of color. And too "Hanging Out in the Napa Valley" is a great display of scale with the close up grapes and the distance landscape with the harmonic cloud formation framing the grapes.

Mr. Otis states this about this special artwork: ""My work is not merely to decorate a wall; Rather to absorb the viewer in visual Phenomenon, and see more than the obvious.

To experiment and explore... that is the true joy in the creative process. I don’t think a painting formula that works commercially again and again is true Art. When I work I use color to drawn the viewer into my world. Everyone perceives a painting differently, as their own eyes view it, and draw their own unique feelings and conclusions. My paintings entice the senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell them, and to evoke a new perception of "what is always there." --The consciousness of color."'

IP PANG of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a marvelous oil painting capturing a "Fishing" event. What is so great about this piece is the accurate transparency of the fisherman and the dog as well as their shadow on the net. The reflection in the water and the detailing of the boat is wonderful as well. "Miami Dream Machine" is special with the play of scale but more importantly as a statement about the uniqueness of the older cars. His accurate realism is very accomplished. The artists states this about this special work: "'My artworks do not only reflect the impact of nature on our lives, but also explore the meaning of life. my paintings are inspired by Universe,life experiences,art,people,emotions and the creative process . Never stop probing impressions and contrasts of life, while keep introspecting and dreaming. The new modernist ( painting and art ) movement, since 1990's, have been giving me such a great shock and inspiration."' Ip Pang's art website:

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York graces this show with her signature style of aerial perspective imagery. Of particular note among her award winning style is "Nysa City, Poland" with the play of light and shadow and richness of the coloration. The artist states this about this special artwork: "'Nysa City, Poland -- Seen from above this is a suburban upscale housing complex in Eastern Europe, although it could be anywhere. With the aerial perspective and by eliminating the details, the landscape has been reduced to an abstract representation. What I tried to achieve is to extract the graphic essence and use my color sensibility to pull the composition together."'

ROSARIO TREVINO (Ma.Ro.) of Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Mexico has several interesting landscapes from south of the border. "Canto a la Vida (Life's Song)" is quite handsome and warm with a kind of softness and sensitivity in her painting style. "Dar Cada Paso Plenamente" ("Give Every Step Fully") also indicates her special painting manner. And "Y Nada Volverá a Ser Lo Mismo" )"And Nothing Will Ever Be the Same") shows several aspects of the typography with a waterfall on the right and cacti on the left with evergreens in-between.

Thank you all for appreciating the landscape and sharing your artistic and creative skills with the world. Please spread the word about this international opportunity.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art