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12th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year's color show exhibits a number of approaches in which color plays a major or minor roll. It is indeed wonderful that artists find a special style and have achieved a level of success whereby their work is selected for an international competition. Following are some comments about those artworks that seem especially significant in terms of color usage or signature style.

LYDI DILDILIAN of Gainesville, Florida has a definite signature approach wherein the grid composition holds an interplay of color contrasts as seen in several works including: "Coding Paint", "Fix, Fracture, and Repeat", "System Study No. 1" and "System Study No. 2". Each of these works command a dynamic viewing, delighting in not only the color but the fine connectivity of patterns.

LUKE ENGLE of Petoskey, Michigan seems to have an honored fascination and understanding of sky and waterscapes. Of particular note is the work entitled "Sturgeon Bay Sunset" with the sun almost gone leaving the very warm glow of the sunset.

JAMES FRYE of Spokane Valley, Washington shows an exciting use of bright coloration with a sense of humor. His works "Electro King" and "Eyeball People 1" are especially vivid and delightful in their playfulness.

MANUEL J. GONZALES of Lubbock, Texas has some very fine relief prints. "Framed Vision I, II, III" triptych contrasts the geometric framing with the moving and colorful curvilinear markings across all three. The systematic arrangement from warm to cool also adds visual impact. And less colorful yet impressive is "If It's A Phase, It's Not Forever" makes a significant statement.

JUDIT LADANYI of Budapest, Hungary uses a mixture of techniques to create some richly colorful and organic abstractions as seen in "Fragments of Memory I" and "Fragments of Memory II". The dark and light and warm and cool usage makes for good contrast.

ANN R. LANGDON of Madison, Connecticut has a new approach dealing with "photo painting". One of the most intriguing pieces is "Borne Away". The wonderful sense of liquidity and play of color and pattern is quite unusual.

RYAN SAMUELS of Bronx, New York is able to make watercolor work for a strong figuration as seen especially in "Cliffhanger". The use of red, green and blue with the neutral background works quite well. There is a nice sense of animation in his works.

LOIS SCHLACHTER of Spring Mount, Pennsylvania is great with the curvilinear movement as well as having a rich color scheme. "Flower Children" is very moving and gives a happy sense. And "Gift Wrapped" uses such bright colors as to evoke the surprise of a gift. Also, "Ride the Tide" works well with the main colors of blue.

EMIL SENNHOLZ of Grove City, Pennsylvania has a painterly approach playing with the idea of opposites as seen in the acrylic work entitled "Rivals". The diagonal brushwork adds to the intensity.

ELAINE TWEEDY of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada takes a rather traditional subject and brings it up to date. The work "Color Explosion" with its thirty-six inch width makes an impression as well as the work "Hollyhock and Fence" with its nice contrast of the straight and curve interplay. And her acrylic painting "Artist's Garden II" seems to have flowers that dance about. The strong warm and cool in the different flowers are quite nicely arranged.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California takes abstraction and color field to a high degree. His "Mindful" shows a level of intensity with the strong warm color and strong moving pattern like a lot of synapse energy going on. And his "Surface" is rather calm in comparison but rich in warm and cool contrast.

Thanks to all the artists for continuing to enrich our lives with their artistic achievements.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art