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9th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The "9th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibiton" showcases forty-fives artists from many locations. Artworks include most media this year.

Selected artists are: Andrew Auble, Scott Baker, Michael Baum, Rosemarie Bloch, Emily Browne, Lana Carter, Mindy Z. Colton, Halina Domanski, Kendra Eager, Susan Y. Elder, Stacy Elko, Carl Ellis, Ernie L. Fournet, Heather Gallagher, Anton Godard, Murry Handler, Lynn Hill, Dan Hittleman, Regina C. Hunter, Barry Johnston, F. M. Kearney, Joan Lengel, Cheryl MacLean, Lori Marchisin, Barbara Mehlman, Dennis Murphy, Leah Peisner, Anil CS Rao, Nicky Y. Schleider, Richard Schneider, Xuan Shang, George Shaw, Judi Sim, Ann Storc, Giannis Tsaganos, Cindy Walker, Leo Weiler, Denise Kufus Weyhrich, Ralph White, Phillip A. Windell, Thomas A. Yezza, Sandra Yoon, Annette Zalanowski, Kristina Zallinger and Jeffrey J. Zeltner.

Below are some comments about the works of various artists the gallery wishes to recognize in a special way:

SCOTT BAKER of Alliance, Nebraska is an avid photographer who provides the gallery several of his pictures of a recent trip to California. One of the most striking is "San Diego Trip 569" which captures the essence of friendship in a loving greeting.

LANA CARTER of Vallejo, California has an interesting approach with juxtapositioning realistic imagery, dealing with a sense of time, in her acrylic painting “Remix” wherein sequential aspects are well developed. Also her work “Still Life” provides a well excecuted tenebristic approach in a dominant blue monochrome showing a somewhat everyday genre of a couple at a cafe booth.

HALINA DOMANSKI of Yuba City, California in her mixed media collage piece “Escaping from Tunnels” she provides a very rich sense of texture and shape held together by the warm tonality.

SUSAN Y. ELDER of Richmond, Virginia creates with enthusiasm expressing some wonderful manipulations of the acrylic paint medium with its fluidity while enhancing the work with areas of controlled brushstrokes and other patterning techniques. This is especially strong in her work “Unpleasant Waters”.

STACY ELKO of Lubbock, Texas again gives the gallery a taste of her expertise in such works as “Dark Forest / Weary Planet: Heart 5” in which various printing approaches are developed with pastel. The visual textural apects are very successful here. In "Weary Planet Grid", in a more controlled manner using the grid format she uses various imagery in a kind of iconic pictograph.

BARRY JOHNSTON of Baltimore, Maryland is quite the sculptor master. One of his most interesting bronze works is “Whipping Up Spring” which is not only fantastic but admirable in its technical perfection. Showing such movement using such a hard material is quite the achievement.

F. M. KEARNEY of New York, New York is a prolific photographer. In terms of dramatic content, his piece “Better Days” strikes a chord that is definitely arresting. The contrast of the organic and geometric is one thing but the emotional depth is great.

BARBARA MEHLMAN of Woodland Hills, California is successful with digital manipulation creating significant textural treatment that adds tremendous character. “Hermit” captures the singularity of such an individual together with added qualities of such a persona. Using wire, tape and a digital approach she creates an unusual work entitled “Put on Your Normal Dress”.

DENNIS MURPHY of Columbia, Missouri has some interesting works in the show. Especially nice are his two oil on paper pieces “Map #3” and “Map #5”, both overlaying painted and drawn imagery onto maps. The latter is most compelling with the profile of a face connected to a can which is being opened with a can opener.

ANIL CS RAO of Bethesda, Maryland provides some interesting works about another culture. His most successful work is “Kavitha: Kuchipudi Dancer” with its rich warm coloration and varied textural treatments.

GEORGE SHAW of Cambridge, Massachusetts shows some digital photographs with a spiritual theme. “Loving Familiarity” combines the Infant of Prague in the foreground with family photographs, a statue of the Blessed Virgin while showing another spatial dimension in the upper left showing the outdoors and even another plane on the right side. His work “Substantiation” shows a depth of theological character with an unusual treatment of space while the artist himself is reflected in the piece.

GIANNIS TSAGANOS of Athens, Attiki, Greece imaginatively develops a concept about dancing in the acrylic on wood piece “The Look of the Dance”. The playful abstraction of the piano keys and the centralized face with all the geometric and organic patterning works quite well.

LEO WEILER of Papillion, Nebraska uses photography to capture various imagery. Perhaps most significant is the work “Old School” which is a subject matter that is a kind of treasure historically.

THOMAS A. YEZZA of Vernon, New Jersey continues with his strong geometric abstractions. Using ink creating a strong symmetrical pattern in bright colors he developed a work entitled “Head Dress” which tends to vibrate in an optical manner.

SANDRA YOON of Buffalo Grove, Illinois has a unique style as seen in several of her chalk, charcoal and graphite artworks. “Artist + Engineer I” and “Artist + Engineer III” are both rather updated approaches to the rather historical while maintaining the similar earthtones. And her piece “Dreamscape II” although quite different, is a wonderful movement of “eye candy”.

And KRISTINA ZALLINGER of Hamden, Connecticut has five outstanding works in acrylic, mixed media and collage. All of her works are terrific! “Boogie Woogie” is very exciting in polychromatic color and a multitude of shapes. “I Love Thalo Green” is also strong with a predominance of green and a centralized arrangement of smaller shapes. “NYC at Night” with the predominance of red is quite expressive of the city that never sleeps in that there is something happening everywhere in the work. “Plastic is My Friend” is also delightful with the repetition of several small colored shapes within larger zones underneath. And “Polar Ice” is strong in all these aforementioned ways with the added larger zoning of light and dark areas. The spontaneity in all her works are wonderful indeed!

Thank you all for being a part of the nearly 76,000,000 viewer hits of our gallery's international exhibitions since inception in 1998.


Larry Bradshaw
Professor of Art, Curator of Upstream People Gallery