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12th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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During these hot days of summer it is good to be indoors in the air conditioning and view an art exhibition online. Here we have some outstanding and original artwork from different parts of the world. Following are some comments about some artists and their work that spoke strongly in terms of their uniqueness and technical artistry.

JOHN CINCO of Staten Island, New York gives the show a dynamic display of digital bravado as seen in his piece "Equivalence" with its many varied swaying elements that are quite visually exciting.

KEVIN E. COLLANDER of Cardington, Ohio has a developed skill in his use of ink markers which is demonstrated wonderfully in his work "Emerging Middle Class...Ethnic Village Cyserorbs 1994" which addresses a societal concern.

MARY LUCIO Di IORIO SILVA of Bela Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil creates with ceramic with oblong forms often placed in various environmental settings. "Untitled 5" is perhaps the most striking in the contrast of a water scene.

KEITH DULL of Ashland, Oregon in his relief print with its strength in the symmetrical arrangement and highly skilled linear orchestration shows a developed artistry in "Bob & Alice's Temporal Eternalizer".

JOAN FITZGERALD of Athol Springs, New York has a wonderful direction in her three piece approach to the subject. Her work "Sitting Bull" is quite engaging with the use of mixed media.

ERNIE L. FOURNET of New Iberia, Louisiana has richly created an outstanding work in his colored pencil drawing in "Northern Wind". The color and rhythm established in the outfit is wonderful and an exciting piece to behold.

BILL FULK of Centennial, Colorado shares his signature style with its bold, highly defined shapes. One of the most striking is "Oasis" with its two interacting areas with the complementary blue background.

JUAN GRANADOS of Lubbock, Texas is a master artist using pottery imagery with mixed media. All of his pieces are visually strong in three-dimensional qualities. His four "Picasso's Gray Teapot Series - Autumn through Summer" are quite remarkable.

LIVIA L. GUS of Bronx, New York has an interesting new work in oil entitled "Migration". The contrast of the rather inanimate telephone pole and the floating imagery works quite well.

CAROL HAMMOND of Averill Park, New York repeats concave shapes in her clay works and in "Umbach" the structure is rather classical in its strong simplicity.

AKIVA HUBER of Haifa, Israel has several abstract bronze sculptures that are quite striking. Especially significant is the "Untitled" work with its strong shape and linear aspects.

RON JANOWICH of Gainesville, Florida has mastered the digital realm. His Tessellation 5" shows a rich, varied size dot texture and a tasteful subtle coloration. The organic interaction within the geometric, symmetrical pattern is also a nice contrast.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR. of Kingwood, Texas has an amazing aesthetic. His works are rich and intriguing with amazing visual interactions. Of particular note are his two works that deal with the human condition, "Natural Vision #24 (14, 34, 36, 40)-2011" and "Right Brain $45 (6, 16, 27, 31)-2011".

CLIFF KEARNS of London, Ontario, Canada uses mixed media in a well developed composition using letters and numbers. Perhaps one of the most compelling is the richly textured piece entitled "Image 84 - Green Tech".

JOSHUA McGUIN of Woodbridge, Virginia has a wonderful and imaginative sense of humor. His “Stuffed Head” is quite the image with the loosely sewn pillowcases and the bulging eyes. And his “The Americanizer” is nicely rendered with a strong message.

KELSEY MITCHELL of Birmingham, Alabama takes on the importance of composition in her nicely drawn charcoal and acrylic wash “Identifying the Pictorial Plane”. The movement and placement of the hands is intriguing.

LIZ MONCRIEF of Fort Collins, Colorado has mastered woven tapestry as seen in her visually precise weaving “Rio Grande Rug”. The delicacy and the subtle color palette is quite handsome.

GWENLYN NORTON of Oak View, California uses oil with intensity in depicting the idea of “Ageism” wherein a face looks on the varied textural aspects. The overall abstraction seems to work well with the phonograph and building parts.

ROD SEELEY of Oak Park, California captures a strong work with his mixed technique of fractal. Perhaps the strength lies in the use of color in his piece “Colorful Leaves”.

FRITZ SUTER of Van Nuys, California has a rich repertoire of colorful and imaginative works in various media. One of the more illustrative is his “Club Mystic” with all the various images throughout the space. And with the enlarged central figure he captures his idea of “The Circus Comes to Town”. Both are quite fun and playful.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, PR, China is a master photographer. His “Native Chief Dancer” depicts the strong character of the Chief and his regalia, symmetrically composed.

MACHIKO OSHIMA TURNER of Christiansburg, Virginia shows a calm and gentle work in acrylic. The very subtlety in the use of the high key values adds to the message of the piece “Prayer for the Lost Souls”.

Thanks to all this year's participants whose work was selected. You should be complemented for having accomplished such fine art. Congratulations!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art