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11th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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Following are comments from the juror about some of the special artworks in this year's exhibition:

SANDI BADASH of Naples, Florida uses a strong contrasting palette with emphasis on the shapes with black outlining. This makes for a strong figuration as seen in her "Maids in China". Everything seems to be at attention including the seated cats. In a rather cartooning technique, the color becomes more subdued for a special nightly effect in her "Saturday Night R & R". And with a strong exuberance, the colors are most saturated in "The Kimona". The elegant and the casual also play a role here.

HECTOR DEL CAMPO of Indianapolis, Indiana is quite expressive with his painterly technique incorporating a free organic with a controlled geometric attitude. "Three Reservoirs" is typical of his technique in a format that is somewhat structured with a curved movement.

LOUIS ESPOSITO of San Jose, California has developed a rich repertoire of imagery of wings and gears suggesting a play with an energetic force. "Fly Gear" shows this quite well. "Rust & Gears" is also very effective with special effects achieved digitally. And "Main Spring" is very handsome with the very structured mechanical coupled with the flowing feathered wings.

SHEILA GRABARSKY of Waretown, New Jersey shows her understanding of painterly qualities in her acrylic paintings. The warm yellows and greens with the violet combination is unusual in the work "In the Park". And with a strong dynamism via tonal contrast, "Through the Snow" is quite rich.

BETTY (BET) f. b. GUSTA of Davenport, Iowa really shows off with vitality especially noticeable in the work "Chamber of Captivity". The flowing and controlled imagery work well together. And her watercolor, ink and acrylic painting "Perspectives" deals with a special viewpoint as well. With a highly imaginative development, she creates a wonderful work called "Adam's Shame" with rich icons.

DREW HOFFMAN of Blacksburg, Virginia takes digital photography to a high level as shown in his "Blue Shadow". The left and right diagonality and the light cool and darker warm all work well. And with similar qualities, "Out the Window" is another fine digital manipulation and mood set with the face lit up and looking out.

JOSHUA HURWITZ of Tarzana, California has some interesting mixed media works. His "Untitled (Sisters)" Diptych is a curious combination but rich in texture and style. The large size of each piece makes them even more impressive.

JOE KAGLE of Woodlands, Texas is an artist's artist. His acrylic and photo process collages are highly effective in all aspects of artistic concerns. "269. The Road Taken - #408 Searching For Peace 2013" with the eyes peeping through the colorful pattern is engaging. "274. The Road Taken - #413 Searching For Peace 2013" and "297. The Road Taken - #436 Searching For Peace 2013" are quite nice in terms of abstraction.

ARTIST KAZANIWSKYJ of Elmshorn, Germany is another master of the digital realm as seen in all of the works presented in this show. "Number 208" with its wonderful saturated colors and overall pattern; "Number 238" with the interesting variation in shape sizes; "Number 281 in terms of its very rich color contrasts and textural contrasts and "Number 428" with its complementary red and green coloration.

SUSAN LHAMO of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in her acrylic painting "White and Red Abstraction" shows such vitality with the gestural brushstrokes and this bodes well with the color choices of mostly red with some pink, ochre, blue-violet and red-violet altogether with black, gray and white. All making for a wonderful energy.

MIWA NEISHI of Kent, Ohio develops a nice personal style in her work especially seen in the work entitled "Bounder" wherein the outer edges work with the central focus, enriched with Japanese newspaper parts framing the piece. "Gravity" is quite special with the Miro-like colored forms on a base that echoes the standing parts. Also the mixed media work called "Womb" is thoughtfully engaging.

LYNN PALUGA of Archer, Florida knows how to work with found objects in such a wonderfully elegant way. Her piece "Corset" is brimming with style. And in the work "Indra's Net" there is quite a lot to consider. And "A Dozen Long Stemmed Remotes" with its humorous side, is also quite effective in terms of the visual elements contrasting so well. Another interesting assemblage is "Smudge" with the very nice cutout parts. Her "Wireless Takeout" is most wonderful with all the parts working so well together in such a fantastic way.

YOUSSEF RAMI of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has a signature style with his triangular motif. "Iceberg Stillness" in shades of blue shows a visual precision that is sharp in parts and calm in other parts. His "Passionate Universe" is another strong acrylic painting with its red and red-violet multi-shaped parts on a light warm background.

MOISES RAMOS of Jacksonville, Florida has two richly textured oil paintings that deserve mention. "Chromatic Landscape #7" and "Chromatic Landscape #9" show a kind of special crackling technique with a circular structure that draws you in.

SEUNGBO ROH of Beachwood, Ohio, originally from Korea, has developed a highly sophisticated style using the chair in a series. "Chair Series - Blue Space" is clean and contrasting in color. "Chair Series - Red Space" is another wonderful play on space and vibrant color. With a different take on the chair, "Vase on the Chair" stands out due to the red, yellow and blue palette.

SIBEL SANCAR of Ankara, Turkey uses the digital experience to develop some very nice works. "Dreams" with the vibrating linear play almost suggests a kind of musical chord. And "Rotation 2" is magnificent with all the colors. And with a sense of the circular movement, "Rotation 3" moves nicely around, spinning tightly in the center.

DIANE SHAW of Martin, Tennessee combines handmade paper with acrylic to develop a strong visual impact in "True Colors". And with analogous colors, she shows how natural growth bends in "Pulling to the Light".

MARLENE SIFF of Westport, Connecticut shows a masterful use of her visual vocabulary with a rich understanding of shape, volume and color as seen in "Full Spectrum". This concern reaches a wonderful high level in her other work "In Perpetuity". Both are very impressive.

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York is achieving a lot of success with her special aerial views. In "Diamonds" she combines several baseball fields in a rich red and green display with accents of blue and yellow. And in her "Nysa Suburb 2" the play of shadows work wonderfully to interconnect the houses. And oh! the brilliance she displays in the work "Carnival" is invigorating indeed.

WILLIAM C. SMITH of Cochise, Arizona uses his impressionistic style and paints a very colorful work entitled "Wildfire" with the blue-violet trees played amidst the yellow and red background - very dramatic.

ANJA STELLA OLAFSDOTTIR of Aarhus N, Denmark places nine square canvases in a grid formation with imagery connecting them together. In "Wishes" subtle use of color works well with the dynamics of the tension sensed between the two birds.

ELAINE TWEEDY of Alberta, Canada in her polychromatic impressionistic "Into the Garden" acrylic painting creates a sense of delight. In her "Orange Oriental Poppy" she uses the flower in full frame with a beautiful technique and in the complementary colors of yellow-orange and blue-violet. And she captures a very nice delicacy in "Peony Poetry" done in watercolor. Her sensitivity is quite beautifully expressed in her work "Shades of White" wherein she paints a group of flowers.

ANNETTE ZALANOWSKI of Altoona, Pennsylvania is one of our master mixed media artists. What is so marvelous about her work in addition to a fine sense of abstraction, is the delicate intricacies in the multi patterns as seen in "Between Friends". Again she excels in the work "Beyond Borders". And simply in terms of movement and abstraction, "Celebration" captures the playful mood in the flowing line work. And with very handsome color combinations, she develops the richly textured and moving piece "Family on Way to Damascus". Additionally, her style works well for the work "In Full Bloom" wherein the flow and patterns are well orchestrated.

There are some outstanding artists in this year's exhibition. Congratulations to all who were selected!


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art