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14th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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The 14th Summer All Media Showcase is another great show of artists' versatility and variety. It's good to know that some artists have a facility to express via various media, while other artists are brilliant exploring their own aesthetic repertoire. Following are comments about those works felt to have a very special quality.

SARAH BRUMFIELD of Omaha, Nebraska is quite versatile. Her photograph of "Baseball Memories" captures the former baseball stadium in Omaha (Rosenblatt Stadium) where history was made hosting the "College World Series". This memorial setting shows the special aspects of the beloved stadium. The well composed photograph entitled "There's No Place Like Home" shows several old farm buildings that seem to have a sentimental value as well.

PEPE CALDERIN of Miami, Florida submits some rather "bling-bling" imagery, especially notable is the work "Spirit" wherein the several pieces of bead jewelry seems randomly placed yet they're combined into large areas of red, black and white creating a good sense of order. And his work "Vitality" glistens in an overall pattern of dominantly shiny gold colored jewelry which gives off a sense of wealth. The subtle sectioning with circles and linear pathways helps to add to the basic structure of an even spread composition.

PRERIKA CHAWLA of Fremont, California has a great sense of communication with her symbolism. The acrylic painting "Circle of Life" has a nicely conceived composition with the circular structure mostly created by the birds and ants. The metamorphosis from the bird to ant adds a lot to the connectivity of the message. And her work "Cloudy With a Chance of Sheep" is another interesting concept with a touch of humor.

MATTHEW EAMES of Carbondale, Colorado uses a monochromatic construction of several varied media, some used in the construction industry. The stacking of mostly rectangular pieces, with the organic character, presents a compelling sculpture in the work "Consumed by Construction". His massive installation entitled "Waivering Heights" is wonderfully engaging with the side walls and overhead beam-like structures. The gray door with the additional gray sculptures works quite well with the main installation.

SHARI L. EMME of Arlington Heights, Illinois has a fantastic landscape in her piece "Val de Loire" with the enhanced coloration used throughout. The panoramic plane helps to add to the wonderful qualities and spatial dimension. And her other photograph entitled "Amboise Cornice" captures architectural contrasts in an historical sense. And too, her "Amboise Overlook" displays the wonderful cityscape with its surrounding typographical setting beside a waterway.

LUKE ENGLE of Petoskey, Michigan has a love for sunsets as seen in his five digital photographs. Of particular note is the special work "Summer Sunset" wherein a sense of humanity is depicted with the boats and dock framing the warm beautiful setting sun.

CAROL HAMMOND of Averill Park, New York has some strong ceramic pieces especially seen in her works "BetTea" and "BlueStones". Each shows a signature style with the circular patterning built up representing a kind of strength of construction. Of particular note, the work "BetTea" with the bluish glazing, adds a vibrancy that sets it apart.

JEAN HESS of Aurora, Illinois is a master of subtlety and simplicity, with the exception of dynamic color in her works. The photograph "Abstract 1" shows a very strong basic indigo and yellow yellow green gradation with hints of a dotted diagonal line countered with three soft diagonals in the opposite direction, all in the bottom of the work. And her very dynamic color using orange, magenta and yellow gradated to green and blue to a raw sienna is smooth. And the small bubble-like grouping creates a focal point. The contrast of the large and small helps to make this a strong work.

ANN ISOLDE of Santa Monica, California has some outstandingly compelling acrylic works that are quite arresting. Her composite shapes are intriguing in her work "Rebirth" of her Headband Series. The basic asymmetrically symmetrical structuring helps to order the several images. There is so much to study here. Another marvelous work is the piece "Taking Flight" from the same series. The sense of transformation upward is quite awesome and rich in symbolism. Also, another brilliant work is "Twin Separation Ritual" which really makes one think about such a situation. The wonderful portrayal of the persons together with the special treatment around the hands and too, the split at the top of the painting with the dramatic happening behind the split, all make for a most outstanding statement!

JOE KAGLE of Kingwood, Texas is such a prolific artist with several impressive acrylic and collage pieces. His work "75. Little Bit of Everything #2" certainly brings together a richness of imagery that is visually forceful. The similar sizes and the central red and green with the eye image helps to give order to this wonderful interplay. Another piece "81. Little Bit of Everything #6" with the X's and O's and the framing device of the white rectilinear overlay is rather magic in that the brightness and the textures are nicely integrated. The little parts of pears, ball, donut and light reflecting on water add a kind of mystery and play to the piece.

F. M. KEARNEY of New York City, New York is a master in terms of photography. His dynamic photograph entitled "Empire State Building" is absolutely attractive in his treatment. The intricacies of the city at night, the "U" composition and the way he handled the blue sky together with the red and green accents, all make for a very special work! And the piece "Manhattan Bridge Tower" with the warm orange and the cool blue add to the strength of the artistic decision. Also, his "Manhattan Skyline" is presented with wonderful additions from the glowing character to the colorful pink and blue treatment in the sky and reflected water.

ELSA KENNEDY of Cincinnati, Ohio has three rather curious works in terms of their concepts. "Mental" is rich in many ways, an accomplished drawing in colored pencil and rather strange in terms of the varied images. The work "Satisfied?" with the question mark provokes a dilemma that is a common trait especially experienced by perfectionists as well as everyday people. This questioning gives a more intense message. And her work "Written in Rorschach" combines the yellow-orange and pink Rorschach symmetry with the two faces positioned differently. This is quite an intriguing process and shows a very nice drawing!

VALERIYA KHOMAR of Hampstead, Canada has a definite signature style with the ribbon-like imagery. The acrylic painting called "The Road to .." uses color well with the warm and cool palette and the movement to the upper right of the canvas communicate a sense of upward direction along a road idea. The special small cut-away subtraction sections to the ribbon structure gives a sense of roughness along the way and this makes the statement more compelling. The works "Tree of Life" and "Familia" reinforce her style, each expressing special meanings. And her work "Spring Rising", in her abstract interpretation, reveals a rising up from the cold into the bright and sunny part of Spring.

MARCY L. KOONTZ of Northport, Alabama has two interesting figurative works using photography with digital manipulation. The special work "Fashioned in the Crepe - Number Two" is nicely composed and idea of a model dressed with a thin pancake (crepe) is quite a creative, avant garde garmet which is wonderful and attractive as seen in the work.

LINDA MOTA of Richmond, Texas expresses dramatically with her paintings. Especially effective is the work "Rip" which shows the hand pulling the tortured face with the sunken eyes and the anguish sensed by the opened mouth. The desaturated palette and the darkness adds to the extreme emotion. And "Hurt" presents a sense of dread with an overwhelming pressure on the screaming head. Also, her work "Mirror" is another strangely conceived depiction of mysterious male and female characters. These works are gruesomely intriguing.

DENICE PETERS of Denison, Iowa is a master soft pastel artist who has brought together several outstanding landscapes with a rural setting. Her work "Around the Bend" is nicely composed with the main curving movement in the road, together with the diagonal movements of the hills on either side and the nicely depicted shadows on the road which is realistically done in blue as a rich contrast to the warmth of the land. "Beside Still Waters" captures the delicacies she found in the scene, showing the grass, leaves and cloud patterns, all showing a tremendous understanding of how to use pastel effectively. And her "Light On My Path" is another of her fine works. The contrast used with the close up and the distance seen throughout shows a high level of professionalism in technique and composition.

DEBRA DENISE PURCELL of Lakewood, Ohio shows her genius in four special paintings that are a delight for the eyes. Her "Elefan" is engaging with the bright colors and several playful patterns, making for an extraordinary, imaginative place. Another richly conceived work is her "Papillon" with all the fascinating seaside environment. "Pelican Miracle" in its playful structuring and play of scale makes for a wonderful depiction. And too, "Pueblo del Mar", (Town of the Sea) is certainly a place of great and fantastic character. The two large animals displayed in the lower left and right add tremendously to the greatness of this work!

TONI SILBER-DELERIVE of New York, New York is prolific with her signature style of finding special views of the land and buildings from above (aerial perspective). Her work "Toronto from Above" captures a special place in the city. Created in pink and forest green contrast helps to bring out this special pattern. The serigraphy technique with the treatment of little dots gives it a sophisticated character. Also, her piece "Minigolf" shows an intriguing sensibility of such a place and she abstracts such to the point of an upbeat playfulness. And too, her work "Freeway Loops" has a quality reminiscent of Franz Kline in terms of broad dark strokes, however this work is representational and potently displays the strength of the freeway system.

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California has a special signature style with a wonderful sense of movement and the organic. His work "Cosmos" is tremendous with the interplay of large and small areas and warm and cool contrasts. And "Kimono" is fascinating with the richness of the color added to the special manipulation he has with the acrylic media. His "Riptide" done in dramatic light and dark, reds and ochre with deep purple is an outstanding variation in his repertoire. The yellow and ochre intermixture reinforces the idea of the title "Sierra". And the piece "Synapse" is amazing with the counter movements and the thin interweave. This work shows a technique that is somewhat unknown, adding to its greatness!

In conclusion, the gallery wishes to thank all of the tremendous artists for showing their marvelous artwork in this all media show.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art