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14th Annual Photographic Processes Juried Online International Art Exhibition

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This year's Photographic Processes show is one of the smallest, yet one of the most varied in terms of subject and style. The gallery is thankful for the many talented artists who submitted their work for jury. Following are some comments about some of the strongest artworks.

KEN BENNISON of Worthington, Ontario, Canada has a keen eye for capturing the magnificence of the landscape. His ability to photograph in high definition is awe-inspiring as seen in his work “Kidney Lake”, wherein the rustic typography is complemented with the calm waters of the lake. Another photograph with strong appeal is his “A Y Jackson” which shows a range of environmental qualities including the reflective water contrasted with the foggy, distant land. And in “Daybreak” he captures a rather serene and gentle tree on a little island with the warm coloration adding to the calm mood.

KAREN BRIGHT of Little Silver, New Jersey brings some pictures of everyday genre that is quite interesting. The digital photograph “Fordyce Beauty Parlor” captures, with the inclusion of the mirror, two rooms in one view. Her piece “Fordyce Faucet” shows a wonderful antique sink in golden tones.

ANN CALANDRO of Flemington, New Jersey is able to combine several collage effects to achieve an engaging work. “Everything Changes, Nothing Is Lost” is composed of two major subdivisions that are nicely interwoven to enhance the concept of change and memory.

PRESTON CRAIG of Lake Balboa, California combines acrylic with digital, using an individual concept around the subject of a teddy bear with a distinctive edge. “Steroid Teddy” has a bit of humor, displayed in a super realistic fashion, which is quite convincing. And “Tagger Teddy” is also quite marvelous.

RUTH FELDMAN of West Roxbury, Massachusetts uses photomontage to create some interesting works. “Exploring the Light” with the staircase and the mysterious overlay has a strong meditative impact. The work “Magic Walk” captures some strong textural qualities with strategic placement of light effects. Another nice work dealing with light is “Night Glow” wherein the yellow-green in the foreground is nice contrasted with the pinkish interior hallway.

GARIN HORNER of Ann Arbor, Michigan creates analog photographic works and achieves some engaging composites. “2” is a diagrammatic display perceptual and spatial ideas. Also, “235” is another informative work about thoughts and science.

JOSEPH L. KAGLE, JR., of Kingwood, Texas shines brightly with his magnificent mixed media works. “100: Waiting (Room) For God” gives the view a lot of imagery that is nicely organized in a grid format. His "104.3 in The Waiting Room at a Virtual James Taylor Concert" is another dynamic work in a rather sequential setting. And his work "104.3 in The Waiting Room at a Virtual James Taylor Concert" adds a bit of humor. "Dr 87: The Waiting Room - I. See. U. #6" with the seated figure in the position of contemplation, provides several words for thought. And "Dr 87: The Waiting Room - I. See. U. #6" is another major achievement.

LONA MOODY of Kirksville, Missouri provides the show with twenty works of cyanotype and acrylic on canvas. The concept of “Stream of Unconscious” is quite engaging and the soft imagery and subtle color changes reinforce the dream-like idea.

MATTHEW DAVID POLIZZI of San Rafael, California takes the blur and gives it a meaningful purpose with the idea of a moving image as seen in “Floral 1”. The gentle sway of the dancer is felt in the softness of the image across the pictorial space.

HARUHISA TAKANO of Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan captures exquisite detail in his digital works. “White Clouds, 2012, 6” is nicely composed with the mechanical and building structures on the left contrasted with the trees on the right. And the soft cumulus clouds with the geometric buildings contrasted with the stark blue sky over the organic tree shapes.

THOMAS TEAMOH of Chongqing City, P. R. China has some impressive works in this year's show. His digital image “Color Subway Entry” is very rich in terms of his handling of the bright yellow and orange complemented with the cool blue tones. Also “Paradise Mall Glitz I” is quite intense not only with the bright contrasting colors but with the diagonals. And another wonderful display is his “Glass People Shoppers I” wherein the window reflections reveal people in their everyday goings on. Furthermore, capturing movement is one thing, but the work “Butterfly Dance Series #4” is terrific with the high tonal contrast and intense colors.

NENA TRAPP of Cody, Wyoming is a fine photographer with the ability to find wonderful landscapes that have rich components. “Glory of the Snowy Range” is one of those with the flowing water over rocks, the calm water, the snow on the mountain range with the crisp blue sky, all in magnificent detail. Her piece “Nature Wins” shows the natural growth in contrast to the large mechanical imagery. And in striking and simple terms her digital photograph “Winter’s Grip” is a strong reminder of winter’s freeze on nature’s growth.

PATRICIA McGEE WALTON of Statesboro, Georgia, in her work “Prague Trio” shows the group of men with their musical instruments in an urban setting. Their black and white and gray dress with black hats are a sight to behold amidst the cement surroundings.

Congratulations to all.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art